Are You Bored? Chat With Your New Companion About Anything

Hello guys, its weekend… Are you bored? Boring moment can be
so annoying must especially when you have no one to chat with or talk to.
At times, you  will want to communicate
your problem to somenone but no one seems to be listening to you. 
Thank God for Technology that gives you a funny, friendly and
romantic companion. To all the baeless and booless dude/babes, you need this to
cure your boredom.

Android bot is not just a bot, but a companion.  Alpha, Bravo and Charlie are here to entertain
you with accurate answers, jokes, anecdotes, and sometimes, meaningless
Where Can I Download it?

For all Android Users, download it here
For Blackberry 10 Users, Download it here
==>Install the app and you are good to go
==>This app has three different
bots that you can chat with, and each has its own slightly different
personality. To change to a different bot, tap the “Settings” icon in the
top-right corner and chose between Alpha, Bravo or Charlie
==>They are program to answer
any question you throw at them… no matter the question. Just feel free to
relate your thought to them and I bet you’ll be amazed at the answer you’ll get
in return.

Install it and let me here your funny replies from the Charlie… #TeamNoRoomForBoredom.

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