MoboMarket – Best Alternative to Google PlayStore

For the fact that Coca-Cola brand tops and rank high in the
soft drink industry doesn’t mean other brands are not competing hard to be the
market leader. Android is a notable brand in the OS of almost all mobile device
and even a 5yrs old kid knows that Google owns Android OS. However, one of the
best alternative to Google Playstore has just been launched and I bet you are going to love it to
the point of been tempted to

dump Google Play Store.

Before I begin, if you normally have messages like “sorry, Play
Store has just stopped working”
or “your Gmail cannot be verified”, or you have
been secretly admiring a unique app on Google Play Store but its paid and you
don’t want to buy it, then this post is simply for you. Just stay glued to your
device screen, with a cool energy boost drink as I pilot you in this journey.
MoboMarket is one of the best alternative to Google Play
store… remember in the word of the wise, there is no one way of doing things,
therefore there is no one way of downloading apps in Android market. I called
this Andoid market application at its best download.
Why Should I Use MoboMarket?
==>It offers unique paid games and apps on Playstore free
for download
==>It fixes all the bugs and error message found in
Google Playstore
==>It is light and user friendly
==>It recommends to your best apps that suite your device
based on your searched keyword.
==>It works perfectly on Blackberry 10 device.
==>It is available for PC users
==>Has some unique apps and games not found on Google Playstore.
Is It Compatible With My Andoid OS?
Yes, it is compatible with all android operating system.
For PC Users
Download for PC here
Where Can I Download It?
You can download it here
They called it MoboMarket but I call it application at its
best for the people that knows. Explore it and tell me what you think.
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34 thoughts on “MoboMarket – Best Alternative to Google PlayStore”

  1. Good evening Prof , I know you must be thinking that this boy is here again with his useless wahala but they really means to me

    Prof please help me am I REGISTERING my domain with domainking or am buying it please I need your help of what to do please

    Prof I beg you in the name of God, please answer my previous questions please

  2. Plz prof i jus rooted my phone 2day Nd i want to change my fonts but am very scared i heard it breaks peoples phone… plz wat should i do 2 avoid bricking my tecno F5 coux i really wanna change my font… or u tell me wat to do incas it gets break on d proces… nd i also need some special apps dat needs root access… My Name is mariam i wil b very glad if u help me

    • Font does brick peoples phone but not all font. To avoid bricking your fone, before you download any app on your phone, first of all take a nandroid back up with CWM. See how to do it here

      Once you've successfully back it up on your memory card. you can then install any app you want to install. Should in case anything happen, you can always restore those back up back to your device.

  3. 9ice one…but not for me…wish Rim (blackberry) would come up with something like this…everything in bb appworld is paid..nonesense! Cnt even get a free dictionary..all with trail period.

  4. Sir prof i rooted my htc phone i want to change my imei with mtkdroid tool d problem here is mtkdroid tool hav detect my phon bt i cant access root shell on it and i cant click on imei/nvrm ples wats d solution or do i need internet to do dat?

    • You can root it with Framaroot without pc. Download it below.
      ==>Run and install it on your device, click on borohmir
      ==>And it will be rooted. restart your phone and you are done.

      download framaroot here

  5. Prof I don't know if you don't want to answer my question in one of your previous post, but if you don't nobody will, you're all I have now after God please help me Prof I need to amend things

    please how can I post under pages and on my blog,please help me Prof

  6. pls av download it '"framaroot But when I click on boromir, ",try another exploit error #,09" dats what it showed I even try all other option

    • If you get an error it simply means framaroot won't work for your device… But I'll still suggerst you try Root Genius for mobile.

      Download it here
      But it is written in Chinese ooooo

  7. Prof i am using htc vivid i try d universal method but whn i open my cmd and typ fastboot getvar imei it says fastboot is not internal or external comand and the second method using mtk droid i did evrythng succesful both i cant click on imei/nvrn

  8. Pls Prof,sorry for bringing this issue up here but I asked on other threads without u responding.Pls,I really need ur help in regards to using mtn BIS on android thru openvpn.I downloaded it and the config file of mtn,installed it but uploading d config file thru open vpn is really killing me.its showing error and complaining dt d file has a backslash and % on it which it doesn't.I renamed it,downloaded a new one,re-downloaded anoda one on PC and operamini bcos someone said UCweb is not downloading it well but all these didn't solve d matter.Pls,prof help me out.God bless u abundantly.

  9. Yemi,sorry for posting this here, my friend's Sony Ericsson arc got bricked on the process of upgrading her OS but we later fixed it. Now, she just called me saying her phone trips off and on at will,so I'm asking if the "bricking and unbricking" is enough to cause the tripping?

  10. Hello sir..its running on ma z10 but not downloading…it will say no network when it's time to download any apps but it's searching n doing other things on mobo apps what should I do sir!!

    • Hello Mike,
      You can root your Tecno M7 with Framaroot.

      Download it here
      Run and install it on your device,
      choose this action "Install Super SU
      Click on Boromir

      And your device will be rooted. Restart your phone. To be sure it has been rooted, go to playstore and download root checker to verify your root status.

  11. Hi,
    You are very helpful.
    My techno H6 suddenly went funny with a curtain of many colours dancing across the screen, even though the phone is working; because the soft keys have light and it vibrates when dialed.
    What can I do, or do I have a damaged screen?

  12. Hi,
    You are very helpful.
    My techno H6 suddenly went funny with a curtain of many colours dancing across the screen, even though the phone is working; because the soft keys have light and it vibrates when dialed.
    What can I do, or do I have a damaged screen?


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