ANDY – Let You Run All Android Apps On PC With Ease

Using all your android apps on PC as just got a new turn. No
need to take a tedious process in installing an android apps on PC again as you
can now run any android apps with ease using Andy. ANDY may sound like the name
of a person selling provisions  in Enugu but also a unique resident application on PC.

ANDY is an independent Android OS app for desktop
computers that brings the full Android experience from your phone to
your PC or MacBook. Andy currently runs on the Android 4.2
Jelly Bean and I personally recommend it to every PC users who own an android
Where Can I Download It?
==>You can download the apk here  and download for your PC Here
==>Run and install it on your PC
==>You will be asked to sign in with your google account
and 1clicksync to sync up Andy and whichever Android device you would like
paired with your computer.
ANDY will allow you to use all the apps from your android
mobile device on your PC and allows you move from mobile to desktop smoothly.
The application also lets you use your android phone or tablet simultaneously
with your computer, with your mobile android device which has the ANDY
companion app controlling the emulator.
All in all, Andy is a decent substitute for Android users
who are eager to put the mobile OS on their PCs. It is a must have app for
every geek.
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28 thoughts on “ANDY – Let You Run All Android Apps On PC With Ease”

  1. Good morning Yomi Prof, mytouch 4G htc wont come up to home screen. have tried hard reset but didnt worked, what can I do to bring the phone back to life?

    • Sorry bro, do you have a back up of the ROM? If you don't, you need to get the exact type of fone, back it up and flash it to your own.

  2. Good morning Prof. Yomi, pls I will appreciate if you can help download and upload the PC file of this andy app the volume of MB involved is too large. Pls help to do something it will be a good app that one must have.
    Well done!

  3. i transfer some vts movies through a usb flash to a laptop…i noticed i couldnt play those movies again no thanks to that usb,can i fix them back?kindly help…i like all your stuff..kudos to u

  4. thanks prof,what I meant was that,the vob files has been corrupted,not that I want to watch those movies via USB,I only transferred them to a laptop…

    • If those movies have been corrupted and can nolonger open on ur laptop, den I think if u still have access to whr u copied it from, u can re-copy it via another drive. Or if u have vlc on ur system, it will prompt u to repair it and perhaps fix it for u.

    • Yomi, pls how is this Andy work on PC I downloaded and installed on my laptop but it nearly damage my modem it installedand came up with it is own server entirely and override network setting on my system through it is so called oracle and it didnt even show any sign of connection. in fact I have to quickly uninstalled it and restore my system to it is previous stage. Pls when you post something that is a bit complicating endaviour to enlighten us more about the procedure on installation. Welldone


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