Register Your Blog for $900 or Shut Down – What if This Happen in Nigeria?

Tanzania ordered all unregistered bloggers and online forums on Monday to shut down their websites immediately or faces criminal prosecution, as critics accuse the government of tightening control of internet content.

Most of the popular sites and online discussion forum in the country have temporarily shut down according to what Reuters is reporting.


Earlier in March 2018, The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) passed regulations compelling those who publish content online – including bloggers and operators of YouTube channels – to register with the government.

To apply for a license, you must pay up to $900 (N324,000) for a license. Per capita income in Tanzania is slightly below $900 a year.

You must then pay an initial license fee of 1 million shillings ($440), and an annual license fee of another 1 million shillings.

Anyone convicted of defying the new regulations faces a fine of at least 5 million shillings ($2,200), imprisonment for a minimum 12 months, or both.

Is this the best way of tackling hate speech in the country? What if this happen in Nigeria… Bloggers what would you do?

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25 thoughts on “Register Your Blog for $900 or Shut Down – What if This Happen in Nigeria?”

  1. men… this people are serious o. why are they frustrating ppl like this? well none of this shit can happen one will accept it.

  2. It can’t happen in Nigeria because people won’t take it lightly with the government.. Some of this African countries are to lukewarm, they allow their government to oppress them even in this digital age.

  3. This looks more like extortion to me. I doubt the Nigerian government will be this crazy to do something like this


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