Tecno Camon C5 4G LTE Spec Will Make You Poo on Your Undies

Now I know my assumptions on the latest upcoming first of its
kind 4G LTE Tecno Camon C5 is wrong. According to what Techarena is reporting
from Tecno Kenya, the spec will make you to Poopoo on diaper.

According to them, Tecno is referring to the Camon C5 as a
camera phone, which means that it will have a good camera for photo and selfie
Tecno says, “Despite the low mega pixel count number the
glass and the camera technology has a way of making pictures still come out
crisp and clear.”
Tecno Camon C5 will run on Android Lollipop 5.0, 8MP + 2MP
rear and front camera, 5 inch display with a resolution of 720 X1280 pixels.
Powering this smartphone is a 1.3GHz Quad-core MediaTek processor and 1GB of
RAM 8GB ROM. It also supports sdCard upto 32GB. 2500mAh battery capacity.
Tecno, when will Lollipop OTA update be release to existing
tecno device?
Photo Credit: Techarena.co.ke
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18 thoughts on “Tecno Camon C5 4G LTE Spec Will Make You Poo on Your Undies”

  1. Weak spec. What makes it special?. Another money robbery device they should learn from infinix or ulephone b touch 2

  2. Pls Mr yomi stop this techno hype and do reviews on better smartphones. When I saw the headline I was excited only to see the specs of your beloved Techno so ordinary.

  3. I knw this Camon C5 will be another yeye device from tecno. can u imagine

    tecno should just pack up from NG, we don't need theri services anymore.

  4. NawaooO always disappointing people with low specs imagine a device with 4G n Lolipop runing 1gig if RAM mitcheeeew is better I go for BoomJ7 jare.

  5. Lols… How can I poo on diaper when the camera is only 8MP?

    Was expecting 20+ MP camera and 3GB + RAM…

    Another beautiful nonsense device to add to the similar tecno collection!

  6. nonsense my motorola droid xt912 runs O.S 5.1.1 lollipop and its a 4Glite fone with the same spec although i upgraded my phone to it but its better tha that tecno… if anybody here have motorola droid i can help u out with online tutorial. for free… contact me 08037680771

  7. It's sad to see people are not being reasonable on here though. Very sad. Haba! this is a low end phone with some mid range specs and you're bringing it to compete with your R7 and Motorola Droid. This is unfortunate. I think this is the best low end phone Tecno has ever made though, and the Boom J is not in it's class.

  8. Cammon c8 specs are way better so I think it is a younger to c8 and stop comparing with r7 the diff aren't so much and the price range is different and u can see from the post even do the cam is just 8mp which is Gud enough it also depends on the Gpu and display for picture and display quality(My fone uses 8.0 bt it seems like 3.0 because of the fones diplay quality ips lcd amoled/oled.. And it sud be using ips display which is a new technology and the c8 as f/2.0 which allows more light in than other smartphones so it sud also be using f/2.0(this is used for judging the amount of light the camera can let in and the smaller the f.. The more light it let's in. Even iphone as f/2.2.( And the fone being a new fone u can with all the advancement in technology the materials used for the hardware and …. Will defer with prehistoric fones which also increases performance and other stuffs.. I can't start explaining… Proof for pc game players can u compare 2001_2012 games with 2013 to 2015 games even do they need the same pc requirement to run- comparing death to right with witcher 2. Comments.


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