We’ve Moved From Blogger to WordPress

Hello friends,

I’m delighted to inform you that we’ve migrated from blogger blog to wordpress. You might have noticed some changes since yesterday… though still working on it and hoping to finish setting it up on time so that blogging can return back to normal.

blogger to wordpress

Let us know if you are still having issues accessing the site, and also if you are finding it difficult to drop comment like some people do on blogger. What is your take on this?


Happy Easter Celebration!

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52 thoughts on “We’ve Moved From Blogger to WordPress”

  1. Yes i did notice the changes throughout yesterday and am liking the new look. Although blogger looks kind of simple to access and comment on but i believe with time, everyone will get used to the wordpress interface.
    Happy easter to you all

  2. Sir this us a very nice development. I love it!! As for me, have no been finding it difficult to do anything whatsoever on this WordPress. It’s amazing.

  3. Oga Yomi it’s really really nice. The UX and UI is really clean. Nice start to a new Month and Happy new Month guys

  4. Its actually a good move,in life its always normal to upgrade
    From the little v seen
    Sharing contents will be much more easier compared to the blogger platform….

  5. It is still cool. The only difference is in commenting. When using blogger, our google accounts are already logged in. We just comment straight. But with this one, we have to comment, type our names and also email addresses, otherwise the comment won’t show

  6. I noticed it since yesterday. I thought it was my browser, till I used different browsers and still the same. It’s cool. Happy Easter

  7. Pls admin delete this one. I represent both “Ayetuoma zion” and “ZIONOVIC212” , but i prefer to use ZIONOVIC212.. THANKS

  8. Prof I have not been able to view your blogs for like 3 weeks now it takes forever to load and show an error message which I cant remember. Nice one prof keep it up

  9. Cool very cool…since the ish have been managing uc browser to check yp but I’m glad I can successfully open and comment with my chrome browser


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