TSTV Sassy Decoder Now Available For Pick-up

Funny enough, Sassy Decoder from TSTV Africa isn’t April fool but real. Guys are already picking up their decoders and I’m pretty sure more will pick up theirs tomorrow.


The new PayTV, TSTV Africa had earlier announced that the sales of her decoder dubbed Sassy will be on sale beginning from 1st of April but a lot of people believed that it will be another April fool since they have promised in the past and failed to deliver…  but this, is not April fool  – but already available for pick up.

tstv sassy decoder

The decoder is available in major states, just locate the dealer in your state of residence. I know of people who have picked up their decoder from dealers in Owerri, Lagos and environs. The price of the decoder is just N3500

The decoder has PVR function, Pause subscription, and contains upto 70+ channels. Those of you in Abuja, you can easily go pick it up from their office if it’s not far from your location, test it and give us feedback with regards to the channels.

sassy decoder
Sassy Decoder

What this means is that, since the decoder is now available for pick up, free to air tstv channels might be scrambled. And this decoder is Sassy that doesn’t come with free 20GB of data. Once you pick yours up, kindly let us know.


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32 thoughts on “TSTV Sassy Decoder Now Available For Pick-up”

  1. I’m gonna urge my dad to wait for Dexterity. I heard that’s gonna be the one with the 20GB data. But thankfully they weren’t pranking us today being 1st

  2. Thanks God its finally out…
    One thing that really got me attached to dis TStv before was the 20gb that was actually suppose to come with the Tstv..now that’s nt dre again I dnt think its worth getting

  3. Thank you for this information. They really kept their words this time around. Lemme go pickup mine. I just hope the stations would be an interesting ones. Happy Easter.

  4. Sir, I want to seek your opinion and advise on this. Plz, how safe and secure is bitclud advantage to invest in?

  5. Am only buying this decoder Because it’s very cheap. I only like their movie channels and hit music, including France 24. But they don’t have my favorite channels like discovery , not even discovery science.

  6. I feel they are going to offer services similar to trend tv which I already have. Meaning, the quality of football matches may be poor and buffer occasionally just like ctl.

    • where did u download d pes2017 or 2018 from. The installation file should be on it.. what problems are you having?

  7. Have gotten mine But no dish yet. Dish will be ready by 3 days time. According to them, the dexterity will be out by next month. And I can still swap it with sassy for 2500.

  8. I was at their office today to enquire about it and guess what guys……I was told that it will be available in 2 weeks time (same old stories) right?


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