Opera Offers Free & Unlimited VPN For iOS Users

Barely a week ago, opera launched  free and unlimited VPN (virtual private
networking) app for Apple’s iOS, the mobile operating system best known for
powering the iPhone.

Opera VPN is a stand-alone app,
and not integrated with Opera Software’s iOS browsers, which include Opera Mini
and Opera Coast.

virtual private network is designed to essentially hide the user’s IP address.
Instead of accessing the internet directly, the user’s device connects to a
server, which then accesses the internet on behalf of the user, masking the
user’s identity.
Like other VPN integrations Opera has done, the app uses the
SurfEasy VPN service, which was actually recently acquired by Opera. While
other VPNs may offer a trial version or require the user to sign up for a
subscription, Opera says its integration of the VPN in its internet browser
will be free for life.

Though the VPN services is free but later in the future, opera will introduce
advertisement within the app.
I installed the Free VPN on my device and it
only makes provision to switch between 5 regions as seen in the image below.

It also has features that let you block
ads from showing in all browsers and prevent websites from tracking you.

Note: Free vpn monitors users activities, collect your data anonymously
but cannot identify you personally.

For now, no words on when it will be available
for Android users.
You can get it here
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12 thoughts on “Opera Offers Free & Unlimited VPN For iOS Users”

    • Deceive yourself, what's special about a rigid and uninteresting OS such as the iOS? Go and count how many free VPN applications that are available for Android OS. When you'll switch to Android we'll be here to welcome you.

    • Bruh, I use an Android and iOS. I'd not easily conclude that one is better than one. While my Android of 2gb RAM hangs at times, my iPhone with 1gb RAM has never given me such issue. It's a smoother experience with iOS than Android. But on the other hand Android is more flexible.

    • Enhen,You have spoken well. Still though it's not an issue if your 2gb Android hangs and your 1gb iOS doesn't, the questions are what do you do with your Android and iOS? Do you have an idea of the processes being run on both devices? What build is your Android ROM? Is it a pure ROM, company modified ROM or totally a custom ROM? When you have the answers to those questions then you can conclude which is better despite the 'smoother experience'.

  1. Yomi is prolly laughing his ass off at the first two comments. Um, in the simplest way I can, VPN is used to browse anonymously, ever tried opening a web page and was denied access possibly because the web page is only accessible to users in a certain geolocation which you're not from? With vpn you can access these web pages. So, opera VPN is a section of opera with vpn embedded in it and allows you open any and every web page. But currently only available to iOS users. Hope you understand?


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