Etisalat Free Browsing With #0.0 – Browsing Unlimited For Life

All kudos still goes to Prince Tunde Milla, he’s my guy and
a Value Added Personality; I owe him a lot. Nobody have monopoly of knowledge. 
This is the tutorial you have anticipated for a very long
time. It’s not a tutorial that will teach you how to get a cheap internet plan,
but a tutorial that will decisively  and intelligently
blow your mind into what you least expect on a Sunday morning like this.

Just relax and concentrate because this is easier to do and
faster to get than solving a pure mathematics equation with just a simple
It’ no news that you can’t use etisalat bis plan on android phones except only on blackberry  phones; but alas because I’m not only going to show
you how to use your etisalat unlimited plan on your Android device but how to
browse with it with #0.0
Why Should I Use This Etisalat Free Browsing Formula
You don’t need to be dragging blackberry subscription with blackberry users for the main time
You don’t even need to have money before you
surf the net like an intelligent CIA
Fast and reliable in a 3.5G network area
Can This Etisalat Tweak Work On My Device
For now, it only work on device that runs Android OS, and
for it to work on PC, you need a recommended software to work with. Blackberry,
and other device can’t benefit from this.
How Can I Get This Etisalat Tweak
I know some people here who always extract my content and they
are just like a dull detective who does’nt know how to handle a gun, all they
do is wait for me to post and they copy everything.  For this reason, I’ll be sending it into our
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spam messages e.g something [@] If it’s not in this format, your
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  1. Prof, thank you so much… This is the best site have ever been too in ages… working Perfectly. I'm a testimony!

    ————————–MTN STAF

  2. Pls oga Yomi ,here are my emails: chidexfrancis[@], chidexfrancis4u[@] I will b graetful if I got ur reply

  3. I've been trying to post my email bt nt going thru… keep up d good work bro bt i dislike d fact ur post always come late on mobile cos i always check ur blog virtually every 2hrs,& it pains alot 2b seeing a post after 24hrs of bn posted!! here s my email tho…

  4. Yomi, the software for PC is not fast with 0.0credit. Is there any other setting I need to input for the speed to BOOM…I bowse at about 7kbps…too slow.


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