How To Jail Break 100MB Droid Daily Data Limitation

I never wanted writing anything about this but the demand
was just too much so I had decisively carve out a simple tutorial on this.
Though this tutorial is no longer new to most of us but I’m
sure the newbie will appreciate this. It’s no news that Droid vpn free account
draws a data limit of 100MB daily and most people are not ready to upgrade to
the premium account.

  Imaging you exhaust
 your daily 100MB usage in the morning,
that alone will make your Android device look like a torchlight Nokia phone
because you won’t be able to browse with that tunneling vpn for that day.

I’m  going to show you
how to intelligently jail break that 100MB limitation just like the role
Micheal Scofied played in Prison Break.
How Can I Bypass Droid 100MB Limitation?
Register more than one email address with any of the free mail provider e.g yahoomail or gmail
Open Droid account with all your emails
While using any of the email on your Droid
account, take note of the data usage by bookmarking your Droidvpn account on
your browser
Refresh  your browser often to make sure you don’t use
up to 100MB. Atleast 85mb to 95mb
Once you noticed your  usage is up to the step 4 data usage,  go to your droid vpn account info and clear
the app data/cache.
Then sign in with another of your email and
continue surfing until you are tired.
NB: Don’t use up to 100mb before you log out and sign in
with another mail or else till the next day before your surfing continues.
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12 thoughts on “How To Jail Break 100MB Droid Daily Data Limitation”

  1. Hi Yomi, long time lurker here. I love your blog.

    Just wanted to point out that you can actually allow your limit to be exceeded.

    What i do once i receive the download limit message is:

    1. Settings -> Apps -> DroidVPN
    2. Force Stop
    3. Clear cache 3 times
    4. Clear Data
    5. Open application drawer
    6. Droid VPN -> Account login details
    7. Input new account
    8. Change my server from Free Server 2 to Free Server 3 or vice versa
    9. CONNECT

    This way i'm not distracted by having to check my account incessantly.

    • Bro it's the network i guess. Mine is still going with speed only that atimes it disconnect but not all time. I have even over downloaded self.. Working very fine.


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