Time To Port Back To A Better Network

It socks when you look at your blackberry device and it keep
displaying small letter edge  or 3g for the past 24hrs or so. I don’t know what is
actually going on with Mtn but I think it’s kind of sucks. It feels like I’m in
a lonely world when I can’t access the internet for a minute on my Tab. The
most annoying aspect of this is that blackberry and android users are involved
in this. Most especially those who have spent their precious money to subscribe
to Mtn bis plan in other to give life to their phone.

Can you imagine my friend blackberry is now looking like
Nokia 3310 because it is useless without subscription. It cannot ping, cannot even open normal opera browser. To make matter worst, he can’t use his free mtn bonus airtime.
Advice To All  Blackberry & Android Users
If you have ever used your sim for either the mtn free 3.GB or 7.GB
plan, just try and connect it with your device because it is browsing for free.
I don’t know if this is magic sim or not but I just took out another sim
couples of minutes ago and it connected with speed.
If none of your mtn sim work out for you, you might be
considering Porting back to Airtel weekly plan for the main time. Etisalatbis only rocks on iPhone but not Android and it goes for #1,000
which is 3GB capped; and their unlimited plan goes for #1,500.
But make sure you try all your mtn sim you’ve ever used in activating
free browsing because mine is still working before your Port.
It sucks staring at your blackberry or android phone
without any internet connections.
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35 thoughts on “Time To Port Back To A Better Network”

    • that's what customer care says oooooooo. though i had used the initial but the normal plan and not their bis. That one was capped 3.GB
      But their unlimited plan, customer care says it's unlimited

  1. my mtn has never stopped working since i activated the 100hrs plan but for the past 1 week, it has been very very slow. i'm using it post this comment. Yomi, is der anytin i cn do to it to make it fast? im using hotspot shield already. and i keep changing my access point but all @ d same speed

    • I have the same concern on one of my SIMs. Prior to using up the 3gb it was blazing fast, but after that my modem couldn't do more than 70kbps even when i have full bars with HSPA. Other SIMs are running fast in the same modem same location on same laptop.
      Crazy, isn't it?

    • it rocks like Jetli' fist. it is a non blackberrry plan. it rocks on nokia,window phone, android, iphone/ipad and Pc.

      it is a universal working tweak friend.
      the apn to use is
      apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
      password: web

  2. Jst activated my own complete plan of 1000 etisalat i called their office afta they said i cnt use it on my tour device.pls who nid 1000 for eti pls lets xchange 4 mtn or zain

  3. Prof u lucky ooo,I do mistake send 2 to 131 wen de blocked d tweeks,anyhow my pd proxy is saying I've reached bandwith limit wen I didn't even use it 4 d day. Thanks (zanna)

    • Meaning you are using free plan for your PD proxy.. My mtn sim is still browsing and blazing. As many as have done thiers, should not even dare send anything to 131

  4. Prof,

    I need information on this Etisalat unlimited BIS plan that goes for #1,500.00. Is it really UNLIMITED data? Can it work for PC and iPad mini? The validity period is for one month right? and the code to activate.


    • According to the discussion that was lias with costomer care and me, she said it is unlimited with fair usage policy attached to it. For now Etisalat works on only bb and android phone. but with the aid of a vpn. Not working on pc for now.
      The validity period is just for a month.


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