Unlock Your E303 Modems And E5830, E5832 Wifi Modems Here

Though I have written a post on this before but because of
the large number of requests from unique people who are using  E303 modems and E585c wifi locked modem, I had
to write something about it ago.
Mean while, for those who have submitted their imei number
before, kindly check if this imei look like your own and pick your unlock code;

86361901734370= 81942028
866452011116148=97368325    862733015144812=10904913
861320001268945=98667332    868988011943385=32325056
The new algorithm code writer  use in unlocking the new E303 modems is a
server base script; so unfortunately I got some little challenges with mine
but engineers are currently working on restoring it back. So to get your unlock
code faster instead of waiting for me, I will refer us to www.modemunlock.com to get your unlock
code immediately. Once you get to the site, just drop your imei number and the
guy will provide you with your unlock code within 48hrs.
For those who are using MF190, MF100, E637 etc, I can help
you with Dc unlocker client to unlock your modem with understandable guidelines
on how to go about it. Those who are using wifi modem like E585, E585C, E5830,
E5832 etc, you need DC unlocker client and revskills to unlock such wifi
How Can I Unlock My E585, E585C, E5830, E5832

Request for DC unlocker client via the comment
box at the same time, download revskills here
From the request, it will contain detail
explanations on how to go about unlocking your wifi modem with the two software’s.
NB: Please if you are going to drop your email adds, use
this format e.g something [@]
yahoo.com in order to avoid spambot from sending spam messages to our
mails. Please if it’s not in that format I won’t publish your comments.
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67 thoughts on “Unlock Your E303 Modems And E5830, E5832 Wifi Modems Here”

    • Sorry for replying you guys late please… work work and work.
      concerning the glo bolt modem, Glo bolt modem for now cannot be unlock with an unlock code except with Firm ware upgrade. Did you try updating the firmware?

  1. Please prof I wrote this previously, but you have not responded. Kindly respond. Thanks

    Hello Prof. Please the Viatun VPN you recommended is not working. Please can you give us a detailed instruction on how to install and use it

    Also, someone told me that download with MultiLinks modem is truly unlimited unlike MTN BIS. Please can you recommend where I can get a good fairly used one. I have a Starcomms flexi modem for swap if possible.

    • Sorry for not replying your request ealier bro, but concering the Viatun Vpn, did you migrate to the unlimited package? Am not talking about the free 3 days trial ooo…

      To be candid with you, i hav'nt tried multilink before because the network sucks where i am. Multilink is only unlimited when you use it with a vpn.

      Getting a used multilink modem is not difficult. Though it all depend in your location. If you are in lagos, why not try computer village because their, you will get all you need.

  2. Yomi if only u can assist us with a way to unlock glo bolt modem, we will sure be very grateful, am sure am speakin d mind of most of us in d houz

  3. could you please help to unlock my glo netpro modem
    Model:Huwaei E303s-1
    IMEI: 861862005786927
    Serial: U9CBYA9252611160
    e-mail: meetjame[@]yahoo.com

  4. when would you assist me to unlock my modem, Model:Huwaei E303s-1
    IMEI: 861862005786927
    Serial: U9CBYA9252611160
    e-mail: meetjame[@]yahoo.com

    • Hello bro, really sorry for not replying you on time, pls kindly accept my sincere apologies.

      To unlock your netpro modem, it can only be done via downgrading or upgrading of the firmware. Let me get the tutorial on how to go about that and get back to you.

  5. pls kindly help me with my glo blot e303 modem is not display unlock dialog box for me to input unlock code!have tried huawei code writer and upgrade process but all lead to failure pls kindly help i will be glad if u solve that for me thanks alot prof.

  6. ALRIGHT PROF. i will be glad if u can do that!my modem is HUAWEI GLO BOLT E303!
    I wasn't aware it isnt easy to unlock before i went 4 it!
    so if u can help me make it work i will highly appreciate!
    thanks alot!


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