Leaked – Gionee M5 Coming With 6000mAh Battery

Gionee Elife E8 is a child play compared to what you are
about to read.  I am tasty, longing and
waiting for this device. Do you know what? A new Marathon serious phone with
dual battery set up is also about to make serious waves! Coming with 6000mAh
battery, and 4 days battery life without charging.

Gionee M5 will be the next inline to take the title of
flagship Marathon phone in the Gionee lineup. So far very little is known about
the hardware other than the device will come with a dual battery set up good
for 4 days of continuous use! Gionee has refused to release the full spec yet.
But an insider was contacted and he said Gionee M5 will get
6000mAh battery, and for the hardware, a 720HD display, 2GB RAM and a low power
quad-core CPU.
So if you are still celebrating Gionee Elife E8, Keep calm
and wait for Gionee M5. More updates coming.

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21 thoughts on “Leaked – Gionee M5 Coming With 6000mAh Battery”

  1. Infinix, Tecno and InnJoo should wake up… they are still sleeping and snoring so deeply. I so much value battery as regard to fone

  2. prof pls help me
    am using tecno m5 and have flash CWM to it
    i made back up of my stock rom by booting to recovery/backup and restore/backup
    after successful backup i got a folder ''clockworkmod'' which contains Four Zipped files namely
    and Three other non Zipped files namely
    Pls my question now is assuming my phone got bricked which file will i flash and how will i go about it

    • Hello Absamad,
      sorry for late replies, All the firmware inside that folder are very important. Copy the folder "clockworkmod" into a safe place on your computer or SD card should incase "o boy happen".

      Just like Samex rightly said, instead of selecting backup, you choose restore, by opening the app again and choosing “Manage and Restore Backup” and then “Restore”. Should in case your fone got bricked.

  3. pls help cant fix my zte modem mf667 its connecting but not working fast tried other modem……working well and when i insert it to other pc still the same

    • hello Anonymous, It might be probably because of slow network but I'll advice you set it to 3G only by doing the below
      Go to settings from you modem firmware>>>Click on network and you'll see the option to set it to 3G only. Choose it and you should experience some measure of speed.

  4. hello prof. i need ur help urgently. i am using tecno h5 but can not boot to recovery mode. by holding down power button + volume up, i picked recovery mode option but instead to get more option for back up / restore, the phone would just boot to home. pls help me asap. thanks.

    • Since you are having challenge with that, you need to install advance cwm recovery on your device. Before you proceed, your Tecno H5 must be rooted… If you are sure its rooted, then do the below

      ==>Download a recovery image of your choice here
      ==>Rename image to ‘recovery.img’
      ==>Download and install Mobileuncle Tools and install it on your phone
      ==>Open Mobileuncle Tools and grant it root permission
      ==>Scroll to ‘Recovery Update’
      ==>Select ‘recovery.img’
      Tap ‘OK’ to confirm


      You can boot into recovery mode (Start phone while holding the Volume Up button) to access new recovery.

  5. Enter your comment…halo prof, am using gionee m5 but each time am watching video on YouTube after some minutes the application will close. please help out.


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