You Can Now Exchange Your Old Phone For A Brand New One of Your Choice

Where are the tech lovers? I mean those people who always
change smartphones like Tshirt… How will you feel if you are told you can
exchange your Infinix hot note or Samsung Galaxy S3 for iPhone  or iPad. How
will your Joy be if you are told you can exchange your infected, defected,
buffeted and abandon Nokia phones for a brand new Nokia Lumia? I guess you’ll
feel so exceptionally good.

Well, Slot in Partnership with Matrix owned certified Nig
Ltd is given you the opportunity to exchange your old phones for a brand new
one of your choice. Be it Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone or Nokia Lumia. 
How Can I Exchange My Old Phone With a New One?

Just walk into any Slot outlet closer to your location and
switch your phone, you’ll only be ask to pay the price difference. Nothing
What if It’s a Stolen Phone?

Well, according to Slot director, it is advisable you
register your phone at so that it will
prevent someone from switching a stolen phone to  a new one. So if your phone has been stolen
before, just login to that site and register it. The Slot staffs will verify it
if its stolen or not before given you a new device of your choice.
Regardless of where you buy your
smartphone, so long you are willing to exchange it for a new one, Slot in partnership with
Matrix will change it for you.
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77 thoughts on “You Can Now Exchange Your Old Phone For A Brand New One of Your Choice”

  1. Excuse me sir, my P5 got bricked on trying to format it and it didnt have CWM installed on it b4 it got bricked, is there any way of reviving it???

  2. Wow this is great. But I will like anybody who has exchanged a phone to tell us how much they added so we can have a hint of how much we might need to add to get another phone

    • I haven't verify this personally, make a visit to slot this weekend to get the fact clear. But their CEO didn't mention if they'll only swap brand to brand.

  3. I was at slot limited, ilorin branch this morning, they said they haven't started the program that till next week ooo

  4. i didnt get the phone at SLOT, i got it at a micro station. the scree of my infinix zero 2 has broken, can i still swap it for a new one?

  5. abeg… u sure say dz tin pay? last time tried it with ma tecno f7…They told me to add 20k to it to get p9…dat is too say ma f7 of just a year (then) worth only 14k.. (the price market of p9 was 34k

  6. My namne is Akorede, just want to know if you're still doing the phone swap (bring old phone to get new phone) and how many old phones can i bring at a time,because I have up to five old phone with one problem or the other,

  7. Please if I have a new Samsung galaxy 4 and a bb z10 thts not coming on and an infinix that has screen issues can I exchange it to get an iPhone 6

  8. Good morning, pls i want to swap my tecno l8 lite for infinix hot 5 how much should add on is very urgent

  9. Good evening sir what if I want to swap my ipad air 2 that has a screen damage or internal screen damage only for a new one will slot accept it.


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