How to Tweak Your IMEI & Get Free 2GB From Airtel + Free Whatsapp For 6Months

Though this is not new but I decided to test the authenticity
before bringing it up online. This offer allow  you to activate this smartphone offer of 100%
free bonus  of 250mb data with free
whatsapp subscription for 6months on your MTN line.
In order words, it means if you succeeded in activating this
plan, you’ll enjoy free whatsapp for good 6months.

How To Activate The Offer Freely on Your MTN Line
==>Get an andriod device MTK preferably.
==>Tweak your MTN sim1 IMEI using the   35736006. If you are new to this IMEI tweaking, Click here to see how to tweak your IMEI
==> add 6 numbers of your choice to it

==>The last digit is crucial
for the validity of your tweaked IMEI. So to get the last digit, download imei
analyser from playstore or follow this link here
==> Enter the 14 digit IMEI in the space provided and click on Check, it will provide you
with the last digit.
==> If you are using the IMEI
analyzer,enter the 14 digit IMEI in the space provided and click on analyze.
Whatever digit that display is your last digit. E.g 35736006102145

==>Tweak the imei into your phone. if you are new to imei tweaking click here
==>Reboot your phone and send  FREE to 131.

After then you account will be
activated… if you get not eligible, tweak your imei again.

You can also get free 2GB from
Airtel by tweaking the below imei.

How Can I Get 2GB From Airtel NG?
==>Copy this 12 digits 869878000165
any 2 digits of your choice, and repeat the step one above to get the last
it to your phone
3G to 141 and 2GB will be smiling at you.

don’t dull yourself, it is blazing very hot.

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42 thoughts on “How to Tweak Your IMEI & Get Free 2GB From Airtel + Free Whatsapp For 6Months”

    • Your pics is not showing because you haven't uploaded ur pic on ur blogger profile. And Yes to your question tested free whatsapp for 6months but that of Airtel, you need to do extra tweaking on it.

      After all una don nearly finish all d imei of the phone wey dem never produce.

  1. prof how can I root my infinix zero and techno h6 both run on android 4.4.2 and both are extremely crazy to root I av tried root genius, one click root ,vroot the list is endless pls do help me out .
    the link u sent me on how to root d infinix zero says not available or not existing. pls help me prof cos am tired

  2. You use ×141×1×1# to view your data

    Prof please I don't know if airtel has blocked it oh because I tried and tried it yesterday but I always got this reply that the device is invalid.

    please which Imei I go use now

  3. Etisalat too is working oooo I just got another extra 500MB
    Tweak with this imei 353133061*********
    Send mid to 8186

    And you will receive free mb

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