How to Get Hammer VPN Premium Account For Unlimited Internet Usage

Let me guess, some of you must have been enjoying hammer vpn with MTN for a while now, downloading browsing and surfing anyhow like you want.

Well, for those of you who have been asking me how to get the premium version, this article will show you how to get it and surf unlimited.

As a free user, you get 150MB daily usage but as a premium user, you get unlimited and it is somehow fast depending on your location.

How to Get Hammer VPN Premium Account from TunnelGuru

1.Visit and click on registration

2.Fill in your Username, valid email address and enter the CAPTCHA before hitting the register button

3.Proceed to your email to retrieve your password

4.Go back to and login with the username and the password sent to your email

Once you successfully logged in, you can now proceed to Buy Traffic Plan option to avail premium unlimited bandwidth.

5.There are 3 plan offers e.g Basic, Unlimited and Deluxe. But unlimited is always available on their plan offers.

6. It is a one month plan so click on buy plan and proceed to pay with PayPal option. You’ll be charged $4.25

Once your payment is completed, wait few minutes and refresh your account, you’ll see unlimited Plan$

7. Go back to your hammer vpn, login with the username and password to your tunnelguru account and select any premium server of your choice… connect and enjoy.

The download is pretty fast and I’m sure it will save you a lot of cash in getting data.

However, if you don’t want to use the premium server, you can continue with the free servers of 150MB daily.

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58 thoughts on “How to Get Hammer VPN Premium Account For Unlimited Internet Usage”

  1. I ignored this hammer vpn because it’s just 150 mb. But I Have spent so much on data so I will try the premium when am done with my ntel u-weekly . Thanks for the info

  2. Bro, Wen I downloaded d hammer vpn, am getting app not available in ur country, can u help me with d link of d one dat work in Nigeria

  3. Prof. do you mean if i subscribe to the unlimited bandwidth for a month, i dont have to subscribe to any data plan with these our network providers

  4. Hello yomi, is there other option to buy the premium account because I don’t have PayPal all other option listed there i don’t have them do you know anyone with PayPal account that can help me with it I can send the money to the person with Workmanship

  5. Oga Yomi HammerVpn keeps saying not supported for Use in my country.I even Change my Country to Use Still No way.I downloaded the one from Data File Host still the same thing .Please Help for we really need this hack ejoor

  6. It’s not a must to have USA ?? paypal account, you can use your ATM to make the payment on paypal, that’s what I did and amusing premium account now

  7. Can you please help me with making payment with paur PayPal account? The is not working since.

    I already have an account,

  8. I just downloaded the app and I even paid for the premium and my payment was approved, but the thing is very slow especially when you want to download..
    However I don’t know maybe it’s due to my location.

  9. Hey please if I pay for premium, how many persons can be logged into it at once.
    Am hearing its one at a time.. That u can’t share your login details


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