How to Make Money Selling Goods on Jumia, Konga & Dealdey

of what you sell in real life, the truth is anyone can sell anything online. It’s
even more interesting when you discovered that you can sell your product on
Konga or Jumia. For the business tycoon, business women/men and to those who
are wondering where to sell your products, Konga and Jumia has made available a
platform to display your product to Millions of customers on their site.

Jumia Sellers

offers an online platform for individuals and companies to sell their
goods, although many people are unaware of this, Jumia itself just like most
ecommerce websites sells only very few goods, majority of the goods are sold by
traders registered by Jumia who then pay a percentage of their sales to Jumia
known as commision which is currently from 3 – 15% of the selling price of any

have more than 3Million visitors every month hence, it’s a very big opportunity
to display your products regardless of what it is.

can get cheaper goods from Chinese website AliExpress, Ebay etc and resell it
on Jumia website or your locally made clothes, shoes, baby toys etc.

Why Should I
Market My Products on Jumia?

get the chance of getting your products seen by over 3Million visitors

can advertise your goods on Jumia homepage

>>No Listing fees,no
maintenance fees, just standard commissions, and fixed shipping fees.
Free access.

>>Sit and watch your 65% of
your profit roll in.

>>You control and set your

Can I Join Jumia Sellers Program?

Its pretty simple, Just go to
and click on the become a vendo to begin.


Konga on like Jumia provide the
same platform for you to sell anything on their site. The truth is, majority of
the goods sold on Konga are sold by outsiders and not Konga itself that is why
some of the prices are questionable.

Can I Sell My Products on Konga?

>>Just go to and hit the register

>> you can start
listing your products by uploading pictures and writing descriptions, your
listing will then be manually reviewed by a Konga staff and if accepted it will
be live on the website.

Dealdey Sellers

the once listed above, dealdey also provide sellers the same opportunity to
display their product on which means that even if you are French teacher,
trainer or shoe maker, you can go to dealdey and advertise your products then
get listed.

How Does Dealdey
Sellers Zone work?

simple, go to

and get verified

a deal

selling while you wait for your cash to roll in.

reading this, if you still remain at the corner of your locality praying only
to God for customers, then it’s your fault. With this, you get the chance of
selling to more than a million customers. It is time to spend other people’s

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