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It’s time to try something new on your Android devices if truly
it’s your own and you are the boss of that device. I know you’ve got lots of
options when it comes to streaming movies, news, sports, foodie and
documentaries on your mobile device in which Mobdro and Kodi is snot an

But there is something new you’ve got to try out. It’s called
UKTVnow.  UKtvnow is one of the fastest
growing live streaming applications for Android. Which means you can stream
movies, Tv shows, live sport, news and if you love them food, this is the app
you should try.

It has lots of live channels, which includes Movies, Entertainment,
Music, News, Sports, Documentary Kids, Food and lots more you won’t want to
Why Should I Use UKTVnow?
==>You can watch live sports, movies or News on the go
==>You can watch your favorites TV series, those of you
that are conversant with  TV series
==>You can stream live music channels, stream till mama
==>Animal lovers, you can watch Animal planet till your
battery run down
==>It doesn’t consume much data but it is a better way
to waste your data.
Whatever you are looking for, Uktvnow will give it to you
without pleading for mercy
Where Can I download it?
>>Download it here 
or download from the official site here
>>You’ll be required to register and then login to
It is only available for Android devices. And If you want to
use it on your lovely Blackberry 10 devices, then you must install google play
Hope I’ve done justice to this app… meanwhile, download it
and compare it with Mobdro, tell us which you prefer.
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43 thoughts on “Download Best Mobile TV For Android – UKTVnow”

  1. I swear this app is the best mobdro is a learner I.magine this app stream on 110kb per sec 3g network why mobdro stream on 400kb per sec unless it won't open the channel forget this yp app is the best and all in HD and it includes two links wow thank prof

  2. I had used uktvnow for months. Its good and i enjoyed jt. I uninstalled it the very day i was able to configure kodi. If you can get kodi installation, i bet you, u gonna delete all other live tv applications in your phone. Kodi is the best just too hard to configure.

  3. Mobdro is still the best for me cos it doesn't consume much data cos of its picture quality but this uktv picture is too much, that is why data disappears faster….. But its cool with free data/cheats to play with


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