*Modified* Airtel Nicodemusly Introduced Another 3GB For N1,000 Data Plan

I think revival is beginning to take place in the Telecom
industry but I don’t know how long this revival will last. First of all, it
started with Airtel daily and night plan, weekend plan of 1GB for N100, and MTN
decided to follow suit but with carrot and stick approach giving you unlimited daily plan for N150 meaning you can download as you want only to those who are
eligible. Tested and Trusted!

Now again, Airtel NG decided to nicodemusly release another
plan which gives you 3GB for N1,000. Note that this is different from their
existing Blackberry plan of N1,000 3GB which only works on Blackberry devices.
This is kind of new and you don’t need to worry about eligibility stuff because
even a new born baby is eligible to subscribe to this plan.
This plan will last you for 30 days.

How Can I Subscribe for this plan?
It simple and easy… Just dial *431# and you are good to go
To check your balance, dial *140#.
Does it work on all devices?
*Modified* No, it works only on blackberry (sorry if you’ve already subscribed) the original subscription code for blackberry N1,000 3GB is not this one.
Now you have an option to either go for Glo 3GB for N1k or
Airtel 3GB for 1K. make your choice.
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64 thoughts on “*Modified* Airtel Nicodemusly Introduced Another 3GB For N1,000 Data Plan”

  1. I'm so sorry to everyone who have already subscribed to this plan. Its new and not the normal blackberry N1,000 for 3GB code. It only works on Blackberry, I tested it late and I sincerely regret why I didn't test it before making a post on it. Hence, if you are not making use of a blackberry phone, don't subscribe for this plan. Airtel weren't clear when they release this plan.Kindly accept my apology.


  2. Airtel 0.00 Free Browsing Cheat Settings On Psiphon

    Download Psiphon Pro lite handler if you don't already have it and set it up as follows;

    Tick remove port
    Proxy Type: Reverse Proxy
    Proxy Server: bit.ly/Airtel-wlcma
    Real Proxy Type: Inject
    Real Proxy Server:
    Real Proxy Port: 3128
    Now Click Save
    Turnel whole device
    Got to options
    Select Region: Best Performance
    Click on More Option
    Tick connect through an HTTP
    Tick use the following settings
    Host Address:
    Port: 3128
    Go back and hit on connect

    Wait for about 5 to 8 minutes and it should connect.

    Airtel 0.00 Working with slowDns: See settings Below;
    Go to your play store and and search for "VPN Over DNS" and download it.
    Now move to your phone settings and create a new APN as follow:
    Nme- Airtel


    Username- internet
    Password- internet
    save it.

    Open SlowDNS and configure it with the below settings;
    > Leave the first and second box and navigate to the third box, choose any free server of your choice

    > You will see something like this in the forth box
    <<> delete it and input this IP

    > Tick on "Keep changing source port"

    >Tick on "Binary Query" then you click connect.

    >After that wait for proper authentication…. and client configuration… Once it connects you are good.

    Continue browsing but its not adviceable you download because you have 25MB limit on Free servers.

  3. Like f**k…I did d sub on my Q10 and it work…now I gave d code to a friend of mine using hot note 2…it did not work..come back to dis site to check what went wrong now am seeing modified…it not fair bozz…now two people av waste 1K each because of me


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