Its Official: WhatsApp Video Calling Coming Soon, Already Available For iOS Users

Last December rumours of WhatsApp adding Video calling
features surfaces and it has been intensified in the last few days with
screenshots of the features surfacing for beta iOS users. The “Video
” icon can be seen on top right of the chat screen . Apparently
the feature is accessible on some devices running the beta app, but it’s not
yet activated and/or it requires the other party to have the beta too.

It is now crystal clear that WhatsApp Video call feature
will be rolled out soonest but we are not sure if it will be general or to only
beta testers. Will it be the same old invite just like they did for Voice
calling or not? That we are yet to find out.
video call feature is expected to roll out in the next few days with the
version To test the beta version of WhatsApp, you need to have
a jail-broken iPhone with Cydia installed.
is no information whether there will be an option for an making video
conference, just like group calling feature that was recently introduced by
Messenger. And there is no information if it will be roll out to Android users
or not.
do you think?

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18 thoughts on “Its Official: WhatsApp Video Calling Coming Soon, Already Available For iOS Users”

  1. Interesting. Whatsapp is doing all things possible to remain top chatting platform in the world and i believe more interesting upgrades and features will still be added soon.
    Commenting from WizyTechs.Com

  2. Whatsapp has taking over. Am expecting something bigger from whatsapp and Facebook in future . like linking ur Facebook contact to whatsapp so u will see ur Facebook friends on ur whatsapp. Can dis be possible?

    • the feature is already available. All the contacts on my FB are automatically added to my WhatsApp, Plus the babe wey i don't dey try chyke for long. Their number automatically appear on my Whatsapp mayb because I have FB application installed on my Android.

  3. Prof kindly Help me out on this issue, woke up this morning to realize that my infinix zero no longer detect my sim cards, I've rebooted several times and even prayed on top the phone, all to no avail. Mind you, I did not upgrade the phone or anything close to that and if I dial *#06#, my emei number shows, please what do I do. Thanks..

  4. Prof, I've done as you stated, I've tried other sim cards and also factory reset, but all to na avail.. What's next now sir? This phone is really pissing me off cause I just changed the inbuilt battery for the second time 2 weeks ago, now this. Worst of it, No money to buy another phone..


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