How to Charge Your SmartPhone With A Burning Fire

This sound
weird but I wonder what innovations will look like 10years from now. Have you
ever imagine that a time will come when you’ll be able to charge your phone
with a burning flame and not electricity? I know Business oriented individual
will be wondering how possible could that be?
FlameStower Charger answers your question.
This portable, affordable charger efficiently captures
excess heat from cooking or campfires to charge your USB-powered devices: cell
phones, GPS, and more. It’s design allows for easy setup, charging, and
storing, making FlameStower your affordable, go to device. 

It’s designed to work with any open flame: cooking stoves,
camp fires, emergency candles, anything! Once the blade is in a fire, the
thermal energy is transferred to the Thermoelectric Generator (TEG). The
opposite surface of the TEG is in contact with the water reservoir? Hot side
gets hot, cold side stays relatively cool, and the temperature difference
generates electricity. 

This is What it Can do
any small electronic device-phone, camera, flashlight in any environment with
anything with a USB cord
fire source will work, including a camp stove, campfire or grill
compact and rugged
>>2.5 Average watts of
power-enough to charge your phone in about 2.5 Hours; 1 minute of charge time
gives 2 minutes of talk time
This might be a saving grace when all you have is a flame
and your power bank is completely out of juice. This is simply Physics.
It goes for $99 on Amazon
See how it works below 

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  1. This is a nice innovation. I guess this was directed to we Africans because I don't think their is any aspects outside Africa where they lack electricity.

    • Didn't you hear that part he said you might probably be out camping ⛺ and your power backup run out of juice? ?


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