Network With Cheapest Tarriff Plan

I’ve come to a stage in my life where I can boldly say I
don’t have a favorite network except the network that gives me the cheapest
tariff plan. With #30 balance on a genuine network, you should be able to talk
for good 3minutes; if not, take your sim, grab a hammer and break it into
pieces… lol!

The question that has been bugging my mind for a very long
period of time is which network has the cheapest tariff plan?
Airtel: This network has different packages but Airtel 2good
premier charges a call rate of 10k/sec to all networks after the 1st 1min call
@ 40k/sec. Though I’m not a fan of airtel and I can’t really say much about it,
but when it comes to their data usage you can always count on me.
Glo: Glo have one of the strongest networks around with
extremely cheap tariff plan. Among glo package that I can relatively say it’s
cheaper includes
==>Glo bounce: glo bounce offer  call at 12k/sec to all networks after 40k/sec
of 1st minute and you can call other customers on glo bounce at 5k/sec; not
only that, but it also gives you 30mb free data when you recharge #200. Migration
code is *170*4#
==>Glo Gbam: this package charges you #10 per minute and
you are also entitle to daily 5mb. To migrate dial *100*5*1#
Mtn: though this is one of the leading telecom company but
their tariff plan varies as individual also have different choices of tarrif.

==>Mtn Zone: So many believe that this is one of the
cheapest as it allow you 8k -12kb per seconds to all network depending on where
you are at the moment. With this package, you’ll appreciate the value for your
money. To migrate idial *135*1#

==>Mtn True Talk: I am currently on this package. You will
be charged 20k per sec and on recharge of #200 you’ll be given bonus of 300
with weekly free 10mb. To migrate, dial *400#
Etisalat: did I just said etisalat.. huh! The truth is, I don’t
have anything to say about this network as every of their tariff seems to be on
the high side. Migrate Wisely!
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37 thoughts on “Network With Cheapest Tarriff Plan”

  1. So my 2 previous post about MTN free browsing is not showing up here na wa o abi admin no want make people know about the free browsing yet ?

  2. Help Yomi.. Am having serious problems tethering my glo bis through blackberry desktop manager since I don't have a HOTSPOT, my Issue is that. I can't save the APN as, it. Keeps saying invalid APN. What do I do yomi.. Thanks

  3. Oga Prof you did not mention Glo Bumpa, does it mean that its expensive cos dats what am using especially topping up my 3g on each N1000 recharge

  4. No yomi.. I don't have PDANET on my system.. would it allow me save the APN as blackberry .net after I install it? and where do I download PDANET from what other information do I need to know?…

    • Hello bro, did you do this "Settings –> Device –> Advance System Settings –> TCP IP –> tick the ‘APN Settings Enabled‘, put in the APN field. Also tick ‘APN Authentication Enabled‘ and input flat in both the username and password field "

      And you still get invalid apn?

  5. yes Yomi, I did all that and Still said invalid APN and refused to save.. what can I do? Although I left the username and password blank. What's the use of PDANET and how do I get it..

  6. my prof, am having similar problem have installed pdanet on my system am using it right, but it disconnect on the system often and often after opening a page i will still have to reconnect back. and the pdanet for my bb bold5 use to show app error reset. i will have to reset the phone again. please help!!!!!

  7. I tried it saves the APN but won't connect.. so frustrated my sub us goona waste.. Yomi any ideas on what to do. tethering wit a bold4

    • Don't be too worried friend, your BlackBerry sub is not gonna waste. Their are too ways of doing this,
      First, it's either you download old version of BlackBerry desktop manager from 4share as suggested by d third commenter here
      Or you download PDANET on ur BlackBerry and ur pc. If you need d set up, I'll give u a link.

  8. Uhmmm yomi nawawoo av sent u like 4 email bt u dimt rply i hope u ansa me here my problem is i have a smile Qualcomm mifi and i want to unlock it but cant oosss help i n any way


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