Update On Airtel Unlimited Bis Subscription

This is just to update us about the recent day to day Airtel gradual daily bis blockage. I’m no longer surprise with the way airtel Ng is
gradually disengaging bis data usage on non bb device starting from the daily
80mb for #100 down to the weekly and then monthly. 

As at this moment, daily unlimited Airtel bb as been
stopped, don’t even think of trying the weekly plan because you’ll just end up
wasting your good earned money. The only plan I can advise you to subscribe for
is still the monthly plan of 2Gb which goes for #1,500; and this plan doesn’t
even work directly on all sim. In some sims, you’ll need to sub for the normal daily
10mb before you’ll be able to use it again. 
I can’t really say what will become of Airtel Bis by the end
of March at the same time, I’ve been over hearing a rumour that Ais is loading
on various network. Finger crossed while we are still in search of a cheaper
data plan for android, ios and PC users.
I know some persons are already rocking hard MTN night plan
but what do you think will happen if MTN decided to remove the free 1.5 free
extra data on the night plan; hell will be let loose for all android users I guess…
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23 thoughts on “Update On Airtel Unlimited Bis Subscription”

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  2. mtn 4.5gg rock both day and night … u just need a code… sorry i have been using it for 2month now… pls if i giv u don't give it to nobody…call me on 08160824686

    • It rocks well but sorry to say u r an idiot, is it nt d mtn night plan u r talking about? So why dropping ur number here to scam us again abi.,,, ur plan no go work. Yommmmmmmiiii delete dis black 4rm here

  3. @Anonymous don't take it personal, once i drop it here it will be blocked in few days or hours… u don't nid 2 call, ok. just like the glo unlimited me and my guys were rocking it get blocked after 3days we post it here..I will still post it here anyway but let rock it awhile

    • Hello bro, are you making refrerence to the Mtn night plan extra data? Well, it is an extra data given to you wen u subscribe for their night plan which goes for 2500. You can use the 1.5gb during the day time.


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