Could This be True? InnJoo Fire Gone Wrong, Ban By Standard Organization of Nigeria

I saw an interesting post on Nairaland, so I decided to just
extract it because I really want to know whats is going on with innJoo in
Nigeria, most especially with those who bought the InnJoo fire. I opened a
complain thread about InnJoo Fire  here and to my surprise, even those who bought the phone newly,
had some one or two problem with the device.

Earlier this morning, I was just doing my normal on the go
reading when I stumble on this piece below
…And so, I went to Innjoo office and service centre on
Awolowo way Ikeja on Saturday to fix my broken Injoo One screen and it was
under lock and key.

I assumed it was locked because it was a Saturday and went back on Monday
morning only to get there and find other Innjoo users hanging around the
building. We were told that the office was under renovation but we did not see
any materials being moved in nor did we see any signs of renovation going on
anywhere in that building.

Eventually we got to know that the building had been shut by the standards organisation of Nigeria (SON) due to the use of substandard materials and
hardware being used to produce Innjoo phones especially Innjoo Fire.

I nearly died when I heard this. So what this means is that we all have
purchased substandard products from Innjoo. Just imagine the number of people
who already bought this phone.
Our authorities too should be blamed for the slow action. I believe this should
have been done a long time ago if truly the products are substandard and save a
lot of Nigerians from falling victim to this. Its really sad that now i have no
way to fix my phone which is less than 2 months old.”
Could this be true? Those using InnJoo products in Nigeria, have you been able to reach any of their CarlCare centres?
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19 thoughts on “Could This be True? InnJoo Fire Gone Wrong, Ban By Standard Organization of Nigeria”

    • You know all this company like Jumia are just bench on making profit on their ends instead of verifying if its faulty or not. They don't care about the masses.

  1. Tecno is not in gsm arena, infinix is not there, but Gionee is there. These manufacturers should leave the money chase and focus on customer satisfaction.

    • I agree with you. they are not their because they are inferior brands. Can't u see that even tecno is already packing out of market. God knows i hate that product

  2. I hate the fact that this inferior products see Nigeria as a dumping ground for rejected fones.

    That was how an India man was arrested in Lagos producing recircled fake motor circle rim. Now it's another Yeye products called Obi android

  3. SON and other monitoring bodies should also ban tecno, infinix, lenovo and craps that is been sold in this country. these cheap products can cause serious health hazards due to the high level of radiation emitting from them. they were not properly produced in accordance to professional ethics, and nigerians are busy going gaga after these fake china phones all in the name of ''I AM USING AN ANDROID PHONE''. Nigerians should grow up and stop going after cheap atticles. i will not blame our leaders for this at all, we the citizens should stay clear of these fake products. i do not have any business with these MTK devices, i hate them to the fullest. if we all agree to stay clear from, then the producers will have no choice than to improve on the standard.

    • @Anonymous, stop saying you don't like MTK because has no business with Tecno, Infinix and innjooo. It is infinix or injoo or Tecno that has business with them.

      As long as I am concern, Mtk is the best i personally won't have been able to change my iMEI…

      How much do you have that you are even making noise? How am i sure you are not using Tecno Y5..

    • Anonymous, I think everyone has a right to his or her own opinion.
      If you don't like MTK devices, please keep your opinion to yourself. Just because you don't like MTK phones doesn't mean everybody should hate it too..

      F.Y. I I use an Infinix Hot note which is an MTK device and I'm loving it!!

    • Really??!

      I bought it at a price higher than the price of Samsung core prime

      My infinix hot note
      Has an 8mp back Camera that shoots crisp photos.
      A beautiful Gold colour that I so much love
      A RAM of 1GB, ROM OF 16GB.

      And the BATTERY!!!?
      My baby is loaded with a 4000mAh battery
      That lasts for two days of moderate use and one full day of rigorous use!!!

      What more do I need from a phone? :-/

  4. You Nigerians are full of shit, innjoo is a good pone for less previladged persons and cannot be compared to the iphone 6 plus both price wise and feature. Let me bring it to your attention that any phone can break the screen depending on the TLC u give the phone. By the way I am a Kenyan.


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