Having Issues With The Latest InnJoo Fire? Report Here

Atleast by now your order must have been delivered most especially
those that ordered for InnJoo One and InnJoo Fire. InnJoo Fire is a new device
therefore it is expected you notice some bug you don’t like from the device.

Unlike the other day, someone InnJoo fire wasn’t charging upto 100%
which is not good enough but was later fixed… but let me quickly share what I’ve
noticed with this InnJoo Fire
==>First of all, the Wi-Fi automatically disconnects after some
time, meaning you’ll have to reconnect it back at intervals.
==>It get unnecessarily hot during heavy usage like killer gaming and when
on 3G.
==>The earpiece isn’t as loud as expected. If you are in a noisy
environment, you won’t here clearly.
==>Sim one and sim 2 supports only Micro sim size which is a little
bit turn off for me.
However, let me here your opinion on the bug you’ve noticed with your
latest InnJoo Fire. It is actually worth the price.
Note: After Jumia mobile week, the price will sky rocket from N17,700 to N25,000

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133 thoughts on “Having Issues With The Latest InnJoo Fire? Report Here”

    • I got this Injoo Fire 2 barely 3 weeks ago and I have to admit, it is the absolute worst phone I have ever used. It hangs all the time. No matter how many times I close all applications and reboot. I still have almost 8gb of free space and only basic applications installed still it hangs like mad. I spent over 10mins trying to send this message. I am soo frustrated.

    • Ebuka even you too? Big boy like you! The truth is none of the phone Jumia sold comes with 3GB. Including the InnJoo 12s. Infinix only works with Etisalatt (500MB)

      Lets still wait and see if it will later be activated.

  1. hello sir, I need to ask a question dat does not concern this post pls. Is BBLITEM (monthly plan) unlimited when used with simpleserver for android, or what is it caped at?

  2. Oga yomi my home button doesnt show d apps I'm running, rather it shows Google voice search,rather d function button at d left is d one dat shows me the apps I'm running, how can I make d home button show apps minimized or running? My innjoo fire.

    • while using my INNJOO FIRE PLUS all of a sudden all my application icons were all gone..and don't remember at all what i had press that causes its lost..As a result,my homescreen just keep on blinking and its annoying!I tried to resolve the issues and Eureka,I FOUND IT!I press the left lower part portion of the phone just on the left side of the HOME BUTTON to show some options and look for LAUNCHER SETTING>>>press RESET LAUNCHER!

    • I'm having the same problem and only got the phone a few hours ago, I can't seem to get the screen to go into the launcher settings page though 🙁 is there a shortcut or search option for it?

    • anonymous God bless you real good you just solved my problem without collecting a kobo. God bless u and ur generation. God bless me too lol

  3. Hello sir, can one still get the phone at the Price it was sold few days ago today? I mean on jumia since that particular day is over. Its Kpakol DESTINY

    • It will get it, just chill and make sure you are always connected to d internet. The roll out will get to ur device.

      U can use Kingroot apk to rooot ur device

    • Hello Benard,

      Are you sure your memory card isn't corrupt? I'll suggest you try another memory card to see if their will be any changes.

  4. hallo, i just bought the INNJOO FIRE phone but the phone does not boot…the INNJOO logo keeps on looping when on charge..i tried charging it for 6 hours but the issue seems to persist. kindly advice. Thank you

    • I don't want to believe its bricked… You mean that is the way Jumia guy delivered it to you?

      do this,
      turn it off again, press the power button + the volume up button for like 5 seconds, then release it.. It should bring you that logo again, use the volume up or down to scroll to the options that says reboot device normally, and your Innjoo fire should now reboot fine.

      But if the problem still persist, then return it back to Jumia.. Hope the phone isn't rooted?

  5. Hi, pls i need ur advice i want to get a phone but am confused. Should I go for infinix hot x507 or innjoo fire?

  6. I got my Innjoo fire today from jumia but to my surprise d home key, back key & d option key light doesn't display light . it baffled me much any solution prof.

  7. Just got the innjoo Fire. The battery drains too fast,can't access google play store to download apps cos my google account still has not recognized this phone. Play store does not show fully,only a pane with help,setting and redeem showing. Really annoying. Hope I get some help Prof

    • Hello friend,
      to begin with your device, make sure you have a good internet connection, and also, go to settings>>>apps>>. and click on individual apps and click on force stop. those apps running at the bacground of your device, will stop to consume your battery.

      Make sure you have a good internet connection… without it, you wo'nt be able to open your playstore

  8. Prof capital NO I dnt knw how to fix it ooooo. Pick d night I find it difficult to use dose key button bcos no light display on it.. Awaiting ur response. Thks

  9. Hello prof. I've not been able to browse using glo bis sus (after changing d imei to bb)
    What could b the way out?

  10. Hello…. i was browsing late thursday night with my Innjoo fire, suddenly networks on both sim started to blink (more of on and off). I now put the phone on flight mode and bam….that it.
    i woke up the following morning and removed it from flight mode and the phone start complaining of not seeing any sim card….restarted, restored to factory setting but it still the same…not seeing any sim card for both sim port .
    P ls what can i do to make the phone see sim cards again?

    • That is a software problem, and I guess it was part of what ncc sue them for manufacturing innjoo fire with inferior materials.

      Is it rooted? Do you have cwm installed on it? If yes, then you can easily restore it back by flashing it with another innjoo fire stock rom

  11. Hello…. i was browsing late thursday night with my Innjoo fire, suddenly networks on both sim started to blink (more of on and off). I now put the phone on flight mode and bam….that it.
    i woke up the following morning and removed it from flight mode and the phone start complaining of not seeing any sim card….restarted, restored to factory setting but it still the same…not seeing any sim card for both sim port .
    P ls what can i do to make the phone see sim cards again?

    am having this same issue but with innjoo one 3g
    help me

    • it is a software problem… it is common with most innjoo devices. reload your OS. You need to flash your os back to your device again. Before you do that, back up all your files and docs.

  12. My innjoo fire keeps hanging and some times twitches its hard to finish a sentence without it freezing up. I have done a factory reset severally but it did help. What should I do

  13. Am having issues wity my innjoo fire battery it offs my phone when its 19% and if I charge it to 100% it just start draining down on its own without me using it. Any help please

  14. My battery is swollen and the back cover of my innjoo fire can hardly close. It discharges fast. At 80%, when data is connected, it goes off and when I switch it on, it comes and sometimes battery show 5%. What can I do. Thought of getting a new battery but where can in get it? On all this, my screen is xracked tho still working.Need to change it, but where? Yomi, pls help.

  15. My innjoo fire battery is swollen, discharges so fast and phone always hot. Goes off abruptly when data or wifi is on. Screen cracked. Where can i fix all these issues. I am desperate. Prof, help. From PH.

    • Your battery is the problem. If it's swollen, it mea it's bad.hence, you need to get a new one from jumia. If your screen is cracked, you can fix the screen issue in Ogbunabali Garison PH.

    • oga yomi apart from innjoo fire battery is there any other battery i can use as a replacement. please reply Asap

  16. Hello, my innjoo fire now goes off at will and it hangs a lot, it also keeps bringing up this message "firewall security". This whole thing is eating me off because I've not used this phone for up to three months. I'll be so delighted if you can help me fix dx issues. Thanks

  17. The phone just goes off by itself and cant turn on unless you put it to a charge but still will just go off after sometimes without you switching it off

  18. My innjoo fire keeps freezing every seconds, I have upgraded it with this custom rom but still the problem is not fix and the upgrade rom is full of ads. phone keeps pressing the back key and the recall key. any help. thanks a lot.

  19. Can anyone help me understand why the wifi on my innjoo fire does not want to turn on? It remains grey'd out when i switch it on. Although it worked fine last month

  20. same problem, i've just bought an Innjoo fire plus (LTE) in Saudi Arabia, from Souq.com and it has the latest official OS 5.1 build, as indicated in the Innjoo official website…. I turned off my Innjoo fire plus and now it wont turn back on keeps on showing the logo it stays of the screen for some time and it goes… I feel like the phone is still running, but display won't turn on, at all… I tried to do reset many times, and this issue keep regenerating, every one or two days maximum… It's like Innjoo team deployed a bad low-quality version of android, not properly tested, and are avoiding to say the truth about the issue, and keeping the people trying with no-sense to search for a solution or fix. Additionally, a lot of bad performance application and launcher (FLY) are pre-installed, that can't be removed (only disable, with errors), non-related to the issue faced (with and without disabling those bad pre-installed apps)…

  21. hello, i have innjoo fire and the problem is that whenever i open instagram or facebook messenger on my cell phone it shows black screen and then it hangs. Now can you tell me what to do

  22. Good day,

    What is a good generic battery to use in the innjoo fire. I read some people actually uses the nokia 1100 battery and it last longer and better and doesn't heat up as much as the current innjoo fire battery. Could you please advice me on what batteries to use instead. Also read that the innjoo batteries are defective. Please email me with the answer. Julian dot laubscher1 at gmail dot com. Thank you in advance.

  23. pls, my innjoo fire swittched off itself and for over two weeks now, it refuses to on again. and the phone engineer i gave it to said the hardware is ok and here is communication between the panel and the battery. please can anyone help me with a solution pls.

  24. hello
    I have Injoo Fire Plus LTE, which is contentiously goes off by itself few times through the day by it self, some times it switch of by a simple hit like if i put it on the table then it work by it self, sometime I need to press the switch on button to make it work, sometimes it doesn't work until I remove the battery and put back again.
    So, What is the problem, Any one can help me Plz.

  25. Hi, bought an injoo fire last year, now when I turn it on it vibrates then shows the injoo logo then it just goes blank from there, It blinks like its active and I hear notification sounds. When I took ot to an engineer he said he has to replace the screen, which isn't that expensive bit I think its a software problem since the screen still displays the logo, I just don't wanna waste my money as this local engineers can be quite cunny, what do you think I should do? Kindly reply asap as I have to fix it tomorrow, thanks.

  26. My innjoo 3g fire plus battery recently started draining fast than usual. What can I do pls. The phone is just 7months

    • An application might be seriously draining your ? battery. Go to settings apps, battery and scroll to see d app consuming your ? then disable it.

    • There is nothin that can be done, their battery is not not good, and this is the same for every other person that has bought the Innjoo fire. Worst thing is that they don't have battery replacement anywhere at all. So just buy another reliable fone with good battery.

  27. Sir I have innjoo fire 2 plus and when I connect charger it's connect and reconnect connect and reconnect…… What's the problem plz tell me sir it's phone fault or charger?

  28. Plz some one help me. My innjoo fire plus lt dose not charging when power on but when power off it charg corctly and also save charging…plz some body help me…

  29. I would advice no one to buy Innjoo fire products, their battery is walking, after something it will swell up and the phone will be switching off by itself and will not on unless connected to a power source, this is not just my saying, it's the same for other users who have voices their frustration about the battery o f the phone. Best is to buy infinix hot 4 which hs 4000mah lasting 2 days or any Gionee phone which is reliable.

  30. Lately my injoo fire 2 plus have been having mouthpiece issues. People cant seem to hear me when i call them, unless i shout directly into the mouthpiece.
    Any solutions please?

  31. I need help and fast, my injoo fire plus 3g just suddenly stop having volume no matter what I do its not making any sound

    • you are getting that error because your innjoo fire system update is stale and innjoo didn't provide any update for it. except you factory reset it,

  32. I need Help that My Innjoo Fire 3 air LTE very fast off even no use and I just buy two day ago and I face really big problem how I solve it please assist me.

    • since you just bought it, take it back to the center you bought from, your device still have warranty.

      In a case where the warranty is void, please remove the battery and try it out with another innjoo battery.

  33. pls my injoo fire2 is barely 7months, since i bought the phone its been given me series of problems ranging from deleting my contacts sometimes, hanging most of the time, booting up takes like for ever, now is that its not coming up again, it only shows the logo on and off when i try to charge it

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