Airtel Bis Subscription Finally Stopped On Non BB Device

Gobe is when you try to recharge Airtel bis subscription on
your non bb device and you get ‘sorry, the transanction cannot be completed’.
From the information reaching me 6hours ago, that Airtel Nigeria has stopped
the subscription of Airtel bis on non bb device; meaning you as an android
user, iphone/ipad and pc users can no longer re-subscribe to Airtel bis data
plan on your device. 

A committed blog fan and a colleague of mine at work yesterday
tried to subscribe for  airtel bis
package, their money was deducted and d plan was given to them but refuse to
connect on their pc, at the end of the day, airtel telecom had to return their #1,500;
according to them, that airtel customer care said it can no longer work on non
bb device. However, if your own data is still active on your device, it will
keep going until you exhaust your data. I currently have in use 1.5gb left and
it’s still working perfectly well.
To be candid with you, android device will be somehow of
less use if this glorified airtel bis is stopped; but I’ll still make more
enquires myself about it and update you guyz. If at all it finally get blocked,
there is always a way forward.
However, don’t allow any unscrupulous element to scam you
about the new etisalat #0.0 free browsing. Tweakware vpn is the source and not
ictvpn. Be wise!
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31 thoughts on “Airtel Bis Subscription Finally Stopped On Non BB Device”

  1. merge the day and night plan with d bis plan it works..but costs 4100k for 6gb..turn off data n
    dail *141*712*7#.. for day and night plan wch will give u 3gb+1gb bonus
    den send 'deactivate' to 440
    then dail *440*16# bis plan 2gb
    send 'deactivate' to 440 again
    dn send 'BCD to 440' and start surfing and tire

  2. Please brothers and sisters in the house do u mean i can subscribe the Airtel BIS Plan (*440*16#) and it will work ön my Tab?

  3. Airtel have stopped d 80mb when u subscribe u don't see d mb is so for frustrating I have tried it about 3 times now not working

  4. The 1500 Is no longer working myn stopped last week, even spoke with the customer rep said that in some cases they deduct the money and the mb and you get nothing.

    • Bro it is still working, i am using it on one of my Tab. If at all your own stop working, just recharge 100 naira and power it up with the daily 10mb, it will continue to surf.

      Though i don't know what Airtel is up to but if they eventually stop this ish, they will lost mercilessly customers.

  5. Yomi, pls what is the true position about this Airtel #1500 for 2gig, because my own will expire in two days time and I don't want to fall victim why trying to resubscribe.

  6. Just yesterday, I exhausted my Airtel 2gb-1month plan which was due to expire on 31st March.
    This morning I dialed *166# to migrate to their club 10padi and after that I recharged 100naira and dialed *440*18# to subscribe for the 80mb-1 day plan, they notified me that my Airtel BlackBerry Plan was successful but the MB wasn't credited.
    I've been surfing the net ever since but I'm just scared, wanna subscribe for the 1 month plan.

    Has anyone experienced this?

    P. S: I'm using an Android Phone

  7. for now MTN NIGHT plan is the BEST @2500k for 3GB & 1.5GB. first frm 9pm-6pm the latter for all day while u can use all for 24hrs @weekend. open fb anytime even with anyone. urrmejah

  8. Yomi is right bout the airtel issue…. if yours is still working good if yours aint working too bad d message is be prepared for the worst Cruz one day it will be stopped.

    I said it on this forum sometimes back saying if airtel can partition daily mb from bis its done.. now they r moving towards that.

    Moral: prepare for the air tel bis rapture.

    Good morning friends

  9. The 2gb plan still rocks,although u won't c d remainin data balance if u use *123*10#…use *123*9#…u wil c ur remainin data balance


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