Update – YP L6 Smartwatch Phone Giveaway

Hello friends, once again thanks for participating in the
recently concluded YP giveaway. The earlier announced result has been nullified;
unfortunately the winner earlier announced seems to be a robot. I don’t know how
Gleam does it but they are nowhere to be found. Hence I’ll go with the 3rd.

See below the results.
Note that yomiprof.net doesn’t determine who wins but the
number of entries as display on gleam platform. The winner should kindly send
his or her address and phone contacts details 
and the item will be shipped accordingly.
Thanks for your understanding… looking forward for more
giveaway on Yomiprof.com platfors.
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16 thoughts on “Update – YP L6 Smartwatch Phone Giveaway”

  1. Lol. I for say o. Seriously i for lik meet d robot owner lesrn smal hacking from am
    . Thanks prof i always knew u would do the Right thing and that's why i won't stop talking about your site to my coursemates and friends.

  2. If u dont no rnb, me n simeon. Den ur new to dis site oo. Rnb wey win last highest commenter na who una no sabi? Chai.
    Prof i jus hav prayer for request. That God bless you beyond measures. You are sooo kind. Kai.


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