Drop Your Gearbest Order Numbers Here For Faster Processing

Hello guys,
First of all, those of you that has been asking me for coupon codes for Xiaomi Redmi note 3, you can use this coupons code below…

Coupon code:32GBNOTE3ML, it’s for 32GB(Gray and Silver),the price would be 199.89$,about $10 less.
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Also, the festive season is here and I know a lot of you will like to make some orders or have already make some orders from  gearbest but might be finding it difficult to get your others delivered to you. So if you’ve recently made some others and your status is still processing, or your others is more than 25 days and yet not delivered, I’ll like you to drop your order numbers let me help you verify the status of your orders.

Use the comment box to drop your order numbers.

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59 thoughts on “Drop Your Gearbest Order Numbers Here For Faster Processing”

    • WWP1512021434104625 this order ,they said the product is not in stock this moment ,but there are a lot of stock on the way ,but they'll have it in stock soon,Expect the shipping this week or next.

    • WB1511100222013428 this order is already shipped at 14th Nov,but since the order is under $40 , they do not offer the tracking number ,and the delivery is snail mail ,so it may be lower than other packages,Just wait a little and you'll get your order.

  1. To some of you who used free delivery option and its more than 25 days go to the nearest post office and check because I placed and order it wasn't up to 20days they delivered it but Nigerian post office are so incompitant they could not call me to come for my order but when I got there I realized that the parcel had arrive earlier

    • W1511271016214740  this order ,it had address problem before ,and then our customer service contacted you to deal with it,and i just confirm with the customer service ,it's all ok ,so theyll ship it soon,sorry for the delay.

    • W1511260147149523    this order is for doogee x5,the doogee company will begin to offer them stock from today ,but it will take a few days to get to thier warehouse and then they'll need to test the devices,then ship the packages.

      Hopefully before weekend, ur order will be shipped.

    • WB1511271208522510  this order is already shipped at 30th Nov,since the order is under 40$,they don't provide tracking number ,and here is the delivey number:SGKEN1570327577

      Just wait till 20th hopefully for ur order to arrive.

    • This was their reply,
      WP1511300818545290  this order have 6 items ,some of them are not in stock ,so we donot ship it ,if the customer agree,we could send the products in stock at first.

    • Pls help tell em they should send the ones their have in stock and pls as dollar is high if they should refund me will I gain or its still will be the exact amount I piad thank u Bro yomi

  2. You can write to them on support. Gearbest.com and your issues will be resolved. They have the best customer service support as I gave gotten refunds over items damaged and broken or items not what they seem. Quick action is what I called them

    • You don't need to have a pox address. Just enter the ur house or office address with ur fone number and it will be delivered to the closest post office to ur location

      Best way to pay is to have a paypal acct

  3. this is my order number WP1511301005285789, the last time I tracked it, what I got was your order is pre-advised. Pls help ooo

    • Hello Busuyi,
      Sorry fo late reply reply se gearbest reply to me regarding ur orders.

      WB1509251323505190  this order ,since we have shipped it over two month ,and the customer did not get the package,it' s our mistake ,and we already shipped another one at 1st Dec,hope the customer will get it .
      W1511111533516989  this order shipped at 17th Nov,since the order is under $40 ,we do not have a tracking number ,and the delivery is snail mail ,so the customer may need to wait a little longer.

      W1512030727242311  this order belong to the WB1509251323505190(this customer),we shipped it at 5th Dec,and also no tracking number ,so i am sorry i can not get the detailed information of this package,the customer needs to wait a little longer.

  4. W1511260147149523. This order is still under processing. If it was out of stock, they should have it back in stock by now. Oga. Prof, abeg follow me enquire about this. Also I would want your advice. Should I still wait or request for a refund?

    • Hello Victor,
      Sorry for late reply, see gearbest reply to me this mornin as regards ur order$

      W1511260147149523  as for this order ,i am really sorry ,it's out of stock for a few weeks and the customer has already wait a few weeks.It's because of the Doogee company ,we ordered a lot of stock ,but they do not send the stock to us in time ,so we owned a lot of orders ,but they alrealy sent some stock this week ,we will get it soon.Hope the customer could kindly understand.

      But if you can't wait anymore, you can request for ur money. But ill advice you excercise patience alittle since you've waited this long.

    • Hello Taju,
      You cancelled your first order, best reason known to you and according to them, your money has been refunded.

      The second order has been shipped this morning, 3hrs ago.

    • Hello Badru,
      It seems ur orders have financial problem but they re working on it. See dir reply below.

      W1512141311241668 and ww1512140219220927 these two orders have financial problem,i will contact our fellows to deal with it ,and then we will ship it .

  5. Yomi,they said the IP of the PayPal Account I used is different from my bank IP and they said I should send them my identity card ND credit card photos and I did, I HV not heard from them since.Badru

    • If ur order is below $40, make sure you add tracking fee of $1.99 for your order to arrive within three weeks in Nigeria. Orders above $40 attract free tracking numbers. ???


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