Why Can’t I Just Use Mtn Night Subscription On My Android?

This was the question someone posed at me some couples of
days ago and I was like ‘you can just use your Mtn night plan anytime you want
without any mtn staff stopping you. I know most especially in a time like this,
where almost all network tweak are been blocked and Android users

seems to
suffer the most with high consumption rate of data on their device; to those who hate other network, you might
want to consider using Mtn night plan as your sure alternative.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Mtn Night Plan Package For Your Device
==>It gives you a lot of data that will sustain you over
the month
==>It can be used during the day time
==>It is fast and reliable
==>You don’t need to off your data on your device
==>On Pc, It can simply be used with Simple Server if peradventure
it stopped working during the day time
==>You get the return value for what you pay for.
To those who don’t know, Mtn night plan gives you 4.5GB to
use over the month (1.5GB during the day and 3GB during the night).
How Much Is This Plan?
It is just #2,500
How Can I Subscribe For this Package?
==>dial *102# and it will be activated for you.
Remember, that Glo gives you 1.6GB for 2k, Airtel gives you
2GB for #1,500. Choose wisely.
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14 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Just Use Mtn Night Subscription On My Android?”

    • I'm still waiting till when one of this network will introduce Android plan and not just mere bbm unlimited or nonsense opera unlimited introduce by airtel. We need real affordable Android data plan.

  1. Hello Prof, i use the mtn night plan, but whenever am browsing in the night, it deducts from the 1.5GB bonus, and whenever the 1.5 finishes, am left to browse in the night only, else my credit is deducted, but you it can be used during the day and you mention simple server
    Pls can you be more explicit, or tell me how to use the 3gb during the day…

    • Morning @hisaabimbola,
      You don't need to worry about the 1.5GB finishing. Once you notice you are left with 3GB, just download simple server( i have written something on this before) and use the normal configuration. It works like charm.

  2. Hello Yomi, please am having issue using simple server with my phone on MTN night plan, my 1.5GB has being exhausted….
    I need the settings oh
    Thanks Yomi

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