How Has Been Your Experience With The Airtel Unlimited 10, 15 &20? Good or Bad?

Well it’s very important we review this Airtel
Unlimited  Data plans (Unlimited 10, 15
& 20) to know if your experience has been good or not because I overheard some
persons complaining while some are jubilating

This is my second months of subscription to Airtel Unlimited
10 as an alternative and I don’t think I have any issue with it for now except
that crappy 3G speed. Only the god of the
knows when Airtel will unleash their 4G LTE.
For some unfortunate reasons, 9Mobile formally known as
Etisalat is currently experiencing some network glitch for some days now and
subscribers are bitterly complaining about it… Kindly let us know if it has
been fixed in your location.
An Airtel subscriber shared his bitter experience with the
Airtel unlimited 20 and how Airtel blocked him and yet the issue remains unresolved.
That means N20,000 gone the drain just like that because according to him, the
plan will expire in 3 days’ time.
Here is an excerpt
from his complain…
“…I’d like to state
clearly that I am subscribed to [b]Airtel Unlimited 20[/b]which I bought,
precisely on Friday 28th of July. I was given a MIFI  a SIM with phone no 08084517720 alongside the
data plan.

Since I purchased the device I have not been able to use the product and I have
had to subscribe to an alternative network as a back up for Airtel’s bad
service… this has caused me a lot of money has I have not enjoyed Airtel
service for once in the last 27 days.
…I called Airtel again
and reported the whole issue and all they could do was reply me with the usual
all inconveniences are regretted…. bla bla bla 

It is exactly 27 days today that I subscribed to Airtel unlimited 20 and it
is expiring in 3 days time…the data plan was a waste and for complaining to
I got blocked.”
If you are using Airtel unlimited plan, how has been your
experience so far?
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24 thoughts on “How Has Been Your Experience With The Airtel Unlimited 10, 15 &20? Good or Bad?”

  1. Forget all those complain…. This is my second month of using the Unlimited 10 and i used upto 103 Gb before that month subscription expired with uptk 2mb speed, just sub for another one this week and hoping to reach the speed throttling threshold to know if its true cos i think they cook up the throotling story to scare people away from using the data with reckless abandone….lol… this is the best plan i ve ever sub

    • You should know that because it worked for you, doesn't mean it MUST for others. Location is a deciding factor when it comes to Network in Nigeria.
      Glo is super fast for some, while for some it's fast, and some it's slow and for others, it's super slow.
      You can't use your experience as a yardstick for other locations.

  2. I subscribed to airtel unlimited 20. I dont think it zaps data but the 3g speed is a bit disappointing. Some times the network is terribly slow. Infact i m considering switching to glo 4g.

  3. Im still on spectranet.
    Speed 1mb to 3mb
    Plus free night browsing.
    I prefer spectranet.
    If ntlel comes go ibadan
    I go dumb spectranet

  4. Yomex !! Seriously, i don't even know where to start from .. I subscribe for the unlimited 20, i enjoyed my first 2 weeks concerning downloading, the speed was relatively impressive, but after that 2 weeks, the speed has dropped so so much. i have called their customer care on several occasions and all i hear from them is sorry for the inconvenience. it cant download, The 3G speed is now 5kbps to 10kbps. i only use it for facebook and surfing other websites. im so disappointed.


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