Mtn Secretly Surfing With Simple Server

Like I said in the morning, that as at the moment all FBT has
been blocked by all telecommunication network but will try and look for
something asap. Some couples of hours ago, a dude mail me this and it’s been
tested and even working on PC. Give it a trial and enjoy it while it last.

==>Download this file
==>Extract both SS.exe & SS.ini into the same folder
on your pc
==> Then configure your  Mozilla browser/application
==> Tools—>Options—Advance—>Network–>Settings:
Under HTTP proxy use:
I.P:, Port: 8080 and tick use for all protocol.
==> attach your modem to your  pc and from your  Modem Software Interface  compose a new message and send  FB0 to 131 as many times as possible (FB
==>Go to the folder you extract  SS.exe & SS.ini  to, double click on SS.exe and   command prompt will open,
==> Just wait a for sum seconds for it to load, then
minimize it and connect your modem. Open your browser and surf infinitely.
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11 thoughts on “Mtn Secretly Surfing With Simple Server”

  1. wen it stop jst Resend Fb0 to 131 if not
    allowd just Send stop to 131,
    And resend Fb0 to 131 as many time u
    like, I download 10 to 15mb at one cuz i
    send Fb0 more than 10 times, b4 i start

    atleast half bread is better than non.

  2. It is high time i drop this for sybian users too
    download this application called cheexy here

    Creat Two New connetion wit ur preferred Name' just like this
    'MTN+Local Host123'
    'MTN+Local Host8080


    Open Ya Cheexy setup like this,

    Listen to port:123

    Http proxy host:

    Http proxy port:8080

    Default acces point:mtn+local host8080

    Others shuld be the way they are Save,

    Download 'Cheexy+cfg'

    extract cheexy wit xplorer copy and replace 'sett.cfg'
    C: OR E:systemappscheexysett.cfg

    save and restart Cheexy,

    connect ur browser wit>>


    —————Etisalat hacker


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