Now That All VPN Is Blocked, What Is The Way Forward?

It’s  no longer news
that all Telecom network provider has intentionally blocked all FBT on all vpn tunneling
software. I wonder why it  happened so
fast this intro to festivity period.  A
lot of people are already lamenting because of the amount they are going to spend
in surfing the net  before their device
will be like  Nokia 3310. But guys, just
relax because soonest, another cheaper way of surfing the net will be unleashed.

What you can do to bail yourself out of this unacceptable predicament
is to look for the cheapest way of browsing the net.  If you are using an Android phone, Airtel Bis
is still the cheapest way as at the moment because it surf on all device. Etisalat
is nothing to write home about so I won’t even advice any of you guys to sub
for their internet bundle except you are an Etisalat staff.
Symbian  and Java users
using MTN can always manage the free 10mb for now on your MTN sim each time you
recharge #100. And if you are using glo on your Symbian phone, you can  as well get the glo bounce 30mb anytime you
recharge #200.
Another means of surfing the net will be provided as soon as
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2 thoughts on “Now That All VPN Is Blocked, What Is The Way Forward?”

  1. It's a very unfortunate news indeed that all telecom company has been blocked VPN service deployment properly. I think this holiday season people will miss their favorite shows from viewing because of not having access to blocked websites. Although in my country still VPN service is running well and I hope they keep it running no matter what happens.


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