The Internet is 25Years Today, How has the ‘Internet’ Affected You, Positively or Negatively?

can’t really say how far and how well the internet has helped me but it has in
every way helped me build my career, self-esteem and even help me found my life
partner (Wedding invitation coming soon).

The internet has helped me built my skill,
meet people of great profile and for your information, I earn my first Millions
from the internet.

is World Internet day and its usually celebrated
on August 23, anniversary of the World Wide Web, which was developed in the
CERN laboratories (Enquire / EV project) in Switzerland during 1989 – 1990, and
opened to new users after that day in 1991.
Thanks to sir Tim Berners-Lee.
Therefore, tell us how the internet has helped you and how
long you’ve been on the internet via the the comment form. The person with the
most fascinating internet story will win
N1,500 recharge airtime.
I Love the internet, because my real and main office is the
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29 thoughts on “The Internet is 25Years Today, How has the ‘Internet’ Affected You, Positively or Negatively?”

  1. I started using the Internet since 2008, back in those days, used to use check out .jar games and Co on my mum's China phone. Those days when we look for cheat you go to Google and

    type "latest free browsing cheat" hahahahahaha

    Switched over to the days where we can't wait for Admin to post tutorials and you will be online ooooo just to accumulate points. Those good old days.

    Things has really revolutionalized, from small Nokia phones in your hand then with the default browser and alot of APNs to select from, you are a tech guru…

    Thanks to the Internet, it's my own farm, configuring people's phone back in those days has always provided endless pocket money for me.
    The Internet has taught me more than I have ever learnt in school.
    I earn monthly all from different online investments, if the Internet shut down today, more than half of the world population will go broke.
    Without the Internet I won't have known Yomiprof, And I won't have been contesting for this airtime ???
    Bill gate was right when he said that Internet so shape businesses in future, I humbly add, the Internet is shaping everything! Friendship, relationships, education, etc.

    Thank you Internet

    Thank you Yomiprof

  2. I must confess if not for Internet, I can't imagine myself being who I am today, the Internet tot me 90% of the knowledge of tinz I have today, am now a guru in photoshop graphics now(which am using to feed my self now) , all with d help of Internet tutorials, am a dj too, the Internet contribute 75% of my knowledge in it too, school assignments and researchs; 90% of dem are Internet based. In my graphics work, I always use d Internet 24/7 to search for pictures or vector arts, brushes, fonts, plug-in and addons to enhance my output, In d DJing aspects, the Internet keeps me updated with current songs home & abroad to make u play on d turn table like a pro. My knowledge about gadgets (phones pc etc) are 97 % from d Internet. Come to tink about social networking, I even work for clients which I never met face to face and I get my money 100%. Today I sit inside my small room and order goods from China and it will be brought to my door step! Seriously I can't mention all buh dis are d most important ones. I can't imagine myself goin a day without the Internet cos 50% of my income depends on it. I can boldly say Internet has positively affect my life! Except…………………. NROP (read it backward) 🙂
    Sirjoe 0706 594 6238

  3. To start with, it is one of the advantages of the Internet to communicate with people all over the world. that's how I was able to meet you Sir yomiprof. With internet I was able to communicate with my families and friends without meeting them one on one. One of the biggest advantages of using the internet to support my online learning, that's how I was able to know many things I never knew before . Not only that, Internet has helped me understand the culture of another country. This is especially true when it comes to watching video online. And Reading news, including sports coverage, or popular TV shows can help me see the world through the eyes of another country and give me an insight into how its culture differs from mine. Internet has helped me to bought things online over the conventional method of going into stores. And many more.

  4. I didn't have money to train myself in computer school. And I come from a society where technology is disregarded, my parents were unkeen to send me to computer school, so I self trained myself using google and YouTube. Today I am a comp. sci undergrad at NOUN and I started a blog (Techvillz). Basically everything I know is from Google and YouTube + experience. Learnt and still Learn from Internet. Finally, if it wasnt for internet, I wouldn't have met YomiProf

  5. The internet is everything to me… Inshort if not for the use of internet I won't have discovered something like MMM, and I've made alot of money from it.

    It has helped me to build my self Esteem, improve my reading skill and and thinking thank.

    God bless the dude who discovered the internet.

  6. The internet i would say have done more good to our society. In my own case, the internet is my place of relaxation. Although when I started using the internet, I thought downloading games from waptrick and wasting time on social media was everything I needed especially the popular 2go #lol…

    But as time went on I discovered new stuffs and decided to start my first blog

    In addition my reading and thinking ability increased at once.

  7. Yeah yeah the INTERNET, Before I knew of it I was just a regular 17yr old kid back in 2009, play football on any piece of land I could see, filthy head to toe by the time we done, Making friends here and there, then I heard some of this friends talking about this thing called facebook, their bros had promised them an account on it if they behave, Having never heard anything like this from my Bros, I humbly made some enquiry,the word "Cafe" kept coming up, I have to find this Cafe I determined and I finally found me one, way far from whr I lived, Got ripped off a couple times before I finally got the hang of being around a live computer, Boy! Did I surfed, on most days I won't leave till I'm emptied of outta money. I got facebook, quepasa, netlog and many other accts too. That's what I called my INTRODUCTION TO THE INTERNET, Then the my-brother-dashed-me phones started coming in, upgrade after upgrade, cheat searching, game downloading.. Those really took my time I stopped making friends except mayb Virtually.

    Now I've grown atleast I think, I Know better, all I do is Find ways the Internet can Benefit me Financially, educationally and trying to manage the social part, that did mess me up a lil back then.

    I started wrong someone might say, I'm still waiting on making my 1st real "Income" from the Internet, never even Won anything off it like many people I'm sure.

    I guess this could be my 1st Win, oh I so hope!

    Tnx for Reading.

  8. Well internet is everything o,if I hear say I no browse for one day heh? Well been using internet since around 2006,07 and it has helped shaped my reading and communication skills alot. information and happenings around the world.i wonder what life would be in this present time without internet.And congratulations to you prof , you've found love.

  9. I started using the internet in the year 2009,,,,, as an amateur user then, my major priority was to download games and play for fun…… during one of my game search on waptrick i was redirected to a site www. Naijaloaded. com…. .. . And there at naijaloaded i saw tweaks, cheats , on how to browse the internet free…. Out of curiosity i followed the steps and it worked… … I was so overwhelmed that i shouted at the top of my voice which woked up my parents,, my dad came into my room and asked what was the matter with me and i told him i can that i have hacked down M. T. N network and i can now browse for free…… My dad became afraid and requested that i gave him the phone that he dont want me to get him into trouble if the trace my location…. ..That was how i kissed my symbian phone goodbye….. … the next day i started configuring my friends phone and the started browsing for free….. when their testimony have reached far and wide many came from far and near to enjoy my created tweaks.. …. Then i used the medium to ask for money from those who wished for their phone to be confugured…. .. on my first week of configuring phone i made #5250… … i used the money to get a phone…….. My name changed from uche to cheat… … People started to believe that i can even download obasanjo on phone and get him to do what i say…. .since i knew internet 08064859600 my number has been a regular ringer for people who wants to access the internet for free

  10. Hmmm i think you are all happy because today is internet day and if I can be sincere with you today is the most sad day on my internet life because I wake up with an appalled message of Adsense on my mailbox telling me that my account was disabled because of invalid activity….

    I really feel like quitting guys…..

    • Abubakar umar,
      I'm sincerely sorry about the disastrous news Adsense sent you this morning… I know how it feels, but don't you have to move on.

      Create another gmail account, and completely remove the traces of the ban adsense ranging from cookies, cache etc from your system.

      Check if your domain is ban from using adsense, if its not you need to apply with a fresh new email but not on the system you use to login to your ban adsense account.

      If your domain is ban for adsense, you'll need to register a new domain and redirect this old one to the new domain.

      Adsense is not the only way you can earn money from your blog…

  11. Hello Everyone, thanks for taking your time out to tell us about your internet stories, I love every bit of it and I want you to know that I do appreciate every minute you spend on this blog.

    I wish I can choose more than One but I'll stick to one. Nkwachukwu Nwafor win the price. Kindly drop your Number and your airtime will be transfer.

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  12. Bro Yomi, I must confess i earn less as a blogger, i only earn more as a freelancer.

    Please can you put me through on how to earn more blogging cuz i get disapproved every time i applied for adsense.

  13. internet has help me positively right from when I learnt to browse on java phones to symbian to android and it has helped me acquire more knowledge Dan I can imaging… I don't think I can do with surfing d web a day without internet

  14. What was your first online or Internet experience?
    11 ANSWERS
    Gurvinder Arora
    Gurvinder Arora, The Silent Optimist!
    384 Views · Gurvinder has 120+ answers in Survey Question
    My first encounter with internet was serving as a browser for my dad to navigate stock exchange websites for almost a week. I was 10.

    I did not know about something called internet till we bought our first computer in 2000. The only thing I knew about computers was that you could play games. It was a Pentium III, 64 Mb of RAM (Top notch stuff!)

    So my dad gets a computer and first thing he asks the guy is to set up a dial-up connection (God, how I don't miss those!) After the connection is set, he starts the internet explorer 🙂 and my dad, who likes to follow and invest in stocks, insists to this stock exchange website.

    My dad being new to the internet tries to understand how websites work. I was watching closely. Turns out I understood everything before my dad. Those were good times.
    I started using this cheat of a thing 2005,Ptoxies like,, share this waptrick and other wap sites are free, it was lovely then, I got to know many things and right now I bet the Internet has done more good to me than Harm. So many educative stuffs online even lectures.

  15. Internet has done much for me… I first started by selling Naijaloaded free browsing tweak then, to learning how to create Nokia themes and selling it for friends using their desired pictures, to searching and selling WAEC / NeCo expos.. Yeah… Though out all night I never slept, even if I mistakenly did.. As soon as I wake up… I'll continue with my phone (lol, one diz Nokia phone that lool like C1)… Then later I started working with one cafee.. Where I was introduced to "" .. I made something about 500k ( five hundred thousand naira) before it closed down… Then I later tried to apply for AdSense buh adsense never approve me until I bought one from 'Yomiprof" in December 2015… From December till date.. I have earned more than 3million naira and stil counting from Google adsense….. Thankx to dude that create Internet/Web, thank to dude that introduced me "".. Thanks to" Yomiprof" that sell me AdSense and thankz to Google and all my trafficals /surfers… I must confessed.. Am living like a King ♔ with no financial problem.. Thou m stil a 200l B. Sc computer NOUN


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