How to Boot Stubborn Android Devices Into Recovery Mode

I’ll be very quick on this, because I know there are lots of Android users
that doesn’t know how to boot into recovery mode. If the conventional method of
booting into recovery mode doesn’t work out for you, then one of the below will
surely work out well for you.

The truth is every new Android powered tablet / smartphone device is normally installed with a stock recovery image.
The tool can be used by those who want to perform update operations, backup
procedures and maintenance and optimization tasks. Well, if you want to obtain
even more from your phone, of if you want to tweak its performances, then you
can anytime replace the stock recovery with a custom recovery image, like CWM recovery or TWRP recovery. Of course for the custom tools you will have to root
your device first.
You boot into recovery mode, if you want to do the following…

==>Factory reset or system update your device
==>Load your boot.img or update it from SD Card
==>Update your system image or restore your back up from SD card.
==>Or perhaps if your device over misbehave and the only option you
have left is to take it back to genesis.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Stubborn Android Devices

Usually you can boot into recovery mode
==>Turn off you device.
==>Then, reboot by pressing the
Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously.
==>Keep the buttons pressed for a
short while – a few seconds – and then release the same.
==>The recovery mode menu should be
==>Note: on Samsung branded devices
the recovery mode can be entered by pressing the Power, Volume Up and Home
buttons at the same time.
But, if the above method didn’t work out well for you, you can try the
Method 1

1.       You
need to download an app on your smartphone.
2.       So
go to Google Play and download the Quick Boot tool; use the link from here for accessing
the app.
3.       Install
the app on your phone / tablet.
4.       Run
the same.
5.       You
will be able to choose from: Recovery, Reboot, Bootloader and Power Off.
6.       Choose
7.       Your
device will reboot into recovery mode.
Method 2

1.       On
this method you will have to use ADB, so the Android SDK and Fastboot must be
installed on your computer.
2.       After
installing the required tools (the one mentioned above) connect your device
with the computer.
3.       Use
the USB cable for establishing the connection.
4.       Then,
on your computer navigate to the folder where Fastboot and Android SDK is
5.       There
open a Command Prompt window.
6.       For
cmd: press Shift key on your PC + Right-click anywhere in the folder and choose
“Open Command Prompt”.
7.       Then,
in the cmd window enter: “adb reboot recovery”.
8.       Your
smartphone / tablet will be automatically rebooted into recovery mode.
That’s it with recovery mode, let me
take my seat while I sip my tea waiting for your questions.
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