How Much Will You Bid For This Blog With Google Adsense Approved Account?

Happy Val people to all the booless bae, and to all the
baeless boo. God bless INEC for canceling the election, atleast the guys will
assume enough responsibilities.
I was erasing, deleting and editing some of my old abandon
site and came across this particular blog site. I was wondering, what if I put
it up for sale, How much will you buy it? Don’t worry about Adsense, I’ll get

you an approved AdSense account.

Mind you, it has been SEO Optimized & Mobile friendly,
your own job is just to keep posting. Come to think of it, make a bid, lets me
even see how much you are going to get it.
And if you’ve got a blog for me to help you review, drop it via the comment box.
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65 thoughts on “How Much Will You Bid For This Blog With Google Adsense Approved Account?”

    • Bid first na… abi you are scared to bid?

      Your site is not alright… that is why I said you should bid. First of all, You don't have a niche, you just post anything that comes to your mind.

      Secondly, you don't have any single post that will even motivate your readers to come back the second time.

      Thirdly, your desktop site is not user friendly… Your blog title shouldn't be purple, it should be another color>>>You blog background should be plain. Try and maintain the Keep it simple and sweet principle.

    • Even you too didnt bid? Your blog is cool and okay… Since you are in the entertainment niche, you'll need to add the social media share button to your blog for easy sharing to various social media platform.

    • Wrong thread… This is not imei, thread. Check here
      Check the second comment. Your question has been answered their and please if you have any more question on this, please ask on that same thread and not here.

    • You didnt define a niche for your blog. Your blog lack post and contents. widgets are missing on your sidebar. Your blog doesn't have description.

      Please define a niche for your blog, and add a blog description to your blog.

    • Move your blog header and site description to the middle

      Make your blog background to be white or plain or other colors but not the current color.
      Add blogroll to your side bar… it makes your reader sees varieties,

    • Your Blog title is not visible… centralize lize it or design it then move it to the middle..

      Why is your popular post not displaying?
      Add Social media widget like to your site… like FB, Twitter etc so that your reader will be able to share your post

    • Change your background completelyl…. It is not user friendly, Also you can't combine two complicated niche together. If you are going to go for Tech, go for tech, and if you are going to go Health Tips, go for health tips

  1. Hello prof Baba you suppose don know me my blogs are and others sha pls review dose ones 4 now… But please my ads are not showing. Don't knw why

  2. Its a nice blog, with beautiful design, AdSense approved, seo optimized according to you. And above all, contains what we call GREAT content.

    Will rate it high. But for being a tech freak that knows less about Job jobs jobss… And no domain name yet,

    I'll Bid $250 (#42,000) lol

    Uche Francis!

  3. I'm currently using a friend account ryt now since google didn't approved my blog. and there was a time i applied sef buh dey claimed that one my email has been approved buh dunno d one they r talking bout. So please do you have an already approved account?


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