How to Make Your iPhone Flash When You Get a Text

With this
simple trick you are about to read, you can make your iPhone to perform in such
a clever way without the usual noise or sound when you receive an SMS or
incoming calls. .. by making the LED flash go off. 

If you’re a
gentle man or woman trying to practice good phone etiquette or in a scenario
where you want your phone to be set to silent, this is an ideal way to visually
see when a message comes through without any noise. 
Change your Settings
First, go to
your iPhone’s “Settings” menu, then scroll down to select the
“General” option.
From the “General”
menu, go into your “Accessibility” submenu.

Enable LED

Now, scroll down and look for the section entitled “Hearing.” The LED
flash setting is part of Apple’s suite of tools to help the hearing

Toggle the “LED Flash for
Alerts” to on, so you see a green oblong under the virtual button.

Now, when your phone’s screen is locked and you get an SMS, MMS or phone call,
your iPhone’s flash will go off several times to alert you. 

To turn the functionality off,
just toggle the “LED Flash for Alerts” option back to off. 


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