When Will PayPal Nigeria Limitation Be Removed?

I decided to try something out this evening to even see if
the embargo placed on Nigerian PayPal account as been removed but to my surprise, it’s
still there and I can tell you it is annoying.
Someone wanted to send me money today through PayPal so I
gave him my Nigerian PayPal account just to experiment if at all it will go,
but unfortunately the person got back to me few minutes later with the below

“Currently, PayPal in Nigeria are only able to send Payments.
This recipient is not eligible to receive funds.”
My questions are
==>When on earth will PayPal remove this embargo from
Nigeria as a country
==>Why did they even bring PayPal to Nigeria since they know
they won’t remove this limitation of not being able to receive money after one
==>Why will they impose the sin of one Man on the whole
country at large.
==>Didn’t PayPal know that Nigeria is one of the largest
African country in the world, and we chop online everyday.
==>Didn’t PayPal know that life is all about give and
take… so if you can’t remove the limitation to receive money, then increase the
limitation not to send money.
This is why so many Nigerians will continue to open a UK
PayPal account even though they are in Nigeria.
I’m of the opinion that PayPal Nigeria should be removed,
destroyed, and vanished if this limitation cannot be removed.
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14 thoughts on “When Will PayPal Nigeria Limitation Be Removed?”

  1. @Yomiprof,someone brought up an idea sometimes. Ago that we should set up a complaint site and invite people to sign it that Paypal should remove the embargo on receiving funds…that if we are upto 100 that signed it by just commenting " yes I support removing limitations on Paypal Nigeria" then the International Regulatory community will see to the matter.Unfortunately,with all the awareness created,just a few signed. I suggest we leverage this platform to sign such warrant.just help set up such simple one page site to lodge the complaint and let's do justice to it via this site.It will even give you prestige as the pioneer of removing the embargo in Nigeria 🙂

  2. Your opinion is valied. Sometimes even to purchase is a problem with msg like "You must add funds to your PayPal account before sending more money."

    They want us to spend but limit us from earning.


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