Tecno Plans to Open a Manufacturing Plant in Nigeria

In the words of John F Kennedy, ask not what your country can do for
, ask what you can do for your country. After 10years of operation in the Middle East and African Market,
Tecno Mobile plans to set up a Manufacturing plant in Nigeria.

The firm said it has secured a large expanse of land in one
of the choicest areas of Lagos.
According to Attai Oguche Tecno Deputy Manager, said the
firm is committed to the Nigerian market, hence the need to site a manufacturing
plant in the country.
“Tecno has its first African manufacturing plant in Ethiopia,
the firm has established presence in 48 territories, “Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania respectively remain the
biggest market on the continent for the phone company.”
This is a good move Tecno,
produce it here and we’ll buy it here. At least this will help move the economy
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your own Tecno phantom 6 Plus ooo…
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18 thoughts on “Tecno Plans to Open a Manufacturing Plant in Nigeria”

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  2. Something caught my fancy. Spotted the HASHTAG. Oga Yomi, just like you 'advised' us to get one copy of the Phantom 6, it's like you know i needed one. Can you buy one for me? Na the Holy book say make we ask, say we go receive if we believe. BABA, I BELIEVE.

  3. Wow.. Makes sense. This will create more job opportunities and bring the price of their products a little bit down since it would be made in our country.
    Look forward to seeing *Made In Nigeria* Tecno Smartphones.


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