How Has Been Your Glo 4G LTE Experience so Far?

Few days ago the grand-master of data baba Glo slow launched
their very own 4G LTE and so many Glo users are not only amused by the sudden
switch but are amused by the band Glo 4G LTE operates.

Earlier today, I’ve been reading a lot of comments on Glo
twitter handle and Facebook page, but it seems complains are much more than gratitude
comments. It is absolutely unfortunate that only few among the notable mobile
devices currently supports Glo  4G LTE
band 28 (700Mhz) but seems to be friendly with MTN 4G LTE.
Users have been asked to send an sms “4G” to “400” and the
reply the get will determine if there device is qualified or not.
Sadly enough, my tester Xiaomi Redmi note 3 Pro can’t even
smell Glo 4G LTE services despite the facts that I almost climb the mast 48
hours ago.
However, some users have posted their Glo 4G LTE speed test
and it seems to be amazing as seen below; 
So I’ll like to ask you, those of you
who have activated Glo 4G Sim, how are you enjoying the speed? And those who
are yet to, what kind of phone are you using? Is it supported?
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32 thoughts on “How Has Been Your Glo 4G LTE Experience so Far?”

  1. I bought the GLO 4G LTE sim today, but the signal is very low in my area, not compartable with my 4G phone but its seems to work with spectranet mifi, the problem is just the signal, it will switch back to 3G because its very low, I will try and go to the area with better signal tomorrow.
    They collect 600 naira and give me the sim + 500 naira GLO recharge card, equivalent to 100 naira for the sim

  2. There's something confusing me about glo 4g, Am seeing 62127 4G, mtel 4G, MTN NG 4G, and Etisalat NG 4G whenever I searched for 4G network. So I don't know if the 62127 4G is the glo 4G? Because from beginning I have not seen anything like glo 4G.

  3. Please Prof. I have a question.
    My phone came with kit Kat 4.4.2 and by the specs it supports that bandwidth of Glo 4G. My fear is that I upgraded the phone to marshmallow.
    Can an update change the network frequency/band of the phone?

    • Exactly, did they really do a feasibility study before using that band because if they really For, they would have known that only 1 in 20 4G phones are compatible with their band unlike MTN's which is available in 20/20 4G phones. They have missed the opportunity to at least bridge the gap between them and MTN.

  4. I don't think GLO is really ready for 4G, they just rush into the it, most thibg s for then to run the 4G smoothly are yet to be put in place. Yeye network l
    With 2-3 signal I don't srr any different between there 4G and 3G.
    Grandmaster of stupidity.
    I will stick with my NTEL for now, with 0-3 signal the speed can fall GLO building.

  5. I alredy got mtn 4G sim infact I will advise anyone to get d sim first den proceed to buy d fone…I spent 5 to 6 hrs buyin fone yestaday…if not dat am a a fone guru dey wud av deceived me…my observation is dat not all d so called fones written 4G Lyte on dem are actually 4G…d sellers wia doubbtin me but wen I appled d simple tecnic of insertin my 4G mtn sim …dis is wat I got ..ur sim is 4G ready but ur device need to be upgraded…even d so called xperia X I almost bot yestaday was showin 4G but wen I chekd d device was not even detected…so guys shine ur eyes…so far on d question asked on dis thread..nobody has told us the kind of 4G fone he or she is usin so we can go for it0

    • This GLO peeps r stupid. I bought a 4g SIM card since Tuesday and was registered immediately but u won't believe that up till now I can't even dial 125 to activate. It keeps telling me u r unable to make calls at the moment pls try again later and also u cannot access ur account at the moment pls try again later. I thought it was the sim card and went then bought another. It was still same fucking story. I'm going back there this morning to give them their stupid 4g SIM card. Will rather wait for d Mtn 4g.

    • Try it next day it will work. I also experienced similar things like that after switching my number to their 4g. I was unable to recharge and to check account balance. But it's ok now. But I will still go back to switch back to 3g because their 4g didn't work on my phones.

    • If the sim is not compatible with your phone, that same 4G sim can still work as 3G, so no need to going to glo office to change your number back to 3G, just use same number and same 4G sim on 3G network.

  6. Oga prof i beg to disagree that speedtest posted above is actually gotten from Glo 4G LTE network,
    Because in my constituency MTN 3G dust away GLO 4G,
    I dont even know why NCC alow glo to roll out 4G LTE, the Network that has major problem with the her 3G network.
    I dont want to write much but in short Glo 4G it nothing to talk about, am speaking and talking for my own constituency.
    If anyone has a better and faster speed up to 50mb per sec posted above by Prof kindly drop your comment PLEASE.

  7. pls you ppl shud stop actin like illiterates.
    of yoy do not have a 4g enabled phone.
    buy a 4gmifi.
    unlock it then insert your 4g sim.
    connect to your system and phone via hotspot.
    dats wat am using and bro
    the speed is crazy..
    i get btwn 2-3mb sometimes i get 1.5mb -2mb in browsing speed.

  8. Educated man, I'll only accept your assertion if you can unlock my SMILE Mifi Modem for me. If you can't, keep quiet and allow innocent citizens to express how they feel about Glo 4G LTE Network.

    • Him na over sabi, and no be him fault, if he has bought so called 4G phone and still the phone cant work with Glo 4G, he will not talk that way.
      and as per the smile Mifi i think thats a big shut up for him

    • IPhone doesn't support all 4g bands either. In my present someone came to glo office with iPhone, but it didn't have band 28 (700). So it still depends on the iPhone u are using.


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