Drop Your Adsense, Blog or Any Device Problem Here Let’s Fix it

Thank God we saw this last month in the year 2014 and I
really feel we should do some little review, fixing and recommendations one
last time before the year ends. Phones, laptops, tablets etc will always
develop problems occasionally, some you can fix, some you can’t fix, bring it in lets fix it together; that is why
we are one big happy family.

So if you know you phones, tablets or laptop is having a little
problem beyond you, post it here let’s fix it together or you want to root your
device and you don’t know how to go about it, post it here let’s fix it

And finally to all blog owners finding it difficult to get
Adsense approval, don’t worry, just drop you blog url lets change some
interface, follow the KISS principle and then reapply again. But also remember that Google Adsense is not the only way you make money online, there are other ways you can be sucking cash into your account on your blog.
Drop your device problems using the comment form below.
Happy New Month!
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95 thoughts on “Drop Your Adsense, Blog or Any Device Problem Here Let’s Fix it”

    • I only have a back up of S620i and it may not be compatible with your device. However, if any of the readers here is in possession of S720 Smart Mtn Android, please help us back it up and upload it to datafilehost for download

  1. Yomi, happy new month, please I've got two questions.

    1) How do yu make yur adsense ads appear immediately after your post title??

    2) I need means to drive traffic to my site. Have heard about facebook advertising but i dont know a way to maximise my page likes bcos some peeps claim to use $5 to get #1000 likes.

    • To to make adsense ads display after post title, please see this tutorial Here

      It's thru you can actually get more likes via facebook advertising with just $5. It depends on how you set your target and ur ads. But the easiest way to drive traffic to a post is via search engine, make ur post to search engine friendly so that it will be easy to crawl. And also you need to engage in keyword research

    • You are seeing blank ads because ur blog is yet to complete d second review stage. Just leave the blank ads let google review it and in no time they'll get bk to u

    • Sorry for late replies but since two days ago? that sounds weird. Ok, Did you try charging it if at all the battery went completely off? or if the battery is completely gone, just power it up universal charger. Or you use another charger to charge…

  2. Prof thanks again for this post
    so Prof please help me

    I have generated a site map but I don't know how to download it and how to place it in the root folder of my blog

    please help me out Prof I don't know how create and use a robot.txt file and how to apply it to my blog

    Prof please I need you to teach me how you use to create all these your cartoon pictures, just like this one you used for this post,… the one carrying the HELP and the one sitting on the laptop

    please Prof where can I get the RANDOM POST widget for my blog

    thanks Prof you help will be highly appreciated

  3. I applied for Google AdSense from my blogger blog, and this was the reply I got.

    Your AdSense application status

    As mentioned in our welcome email, we conduct a
    second review of your AdSense application once
    AdSense code is placed on your site(s). As a result
    of this review, we have disapproved your account for
    the following violation(s):

    We did not approve your application for the reasons
    listed below
    Login Only: During our review of your website, we
    found that the majority of pages on your site are
    behind a login, or there is restricted access. Please
    note that we will not approve applications for login-
    protected pages, as we are not able to review their
    content for acceptance into the program.

    please, what's the solution?

    • Hello Ogili Kingsley,

      The problem is with your Theme, Use a more simpler theme with easy navigation. Do it in such a way that when people visit your site, they won't find it difficult to locate what they are looking for. After then, wait for 8days then apply again.

  4. hapi new month to this grt man bhind the blog@prof yomi,and to us that av been visiting yomi..pls dis my number 08160739952…ad me up on whatsapp I av a serious problm wit my z10

  5. Good day prof yomi please I have some problem with my samsung galaxy grand 2. I updated to kitkat and rooted it since then I have not been able to save pictures from either bbm, whatsapp or facebook

  6. please yomiprof i need ur help, please give me the step by step procedure on how to change my htc one x imie… av downloaded the android sdk tools nd i dont know how am suppose to make use of it, wen i try to open d file 'sdk manager.exe' it just opens nd close back.. pls m tired of doin tinz i dont know.. help me… just give me the step by step procedure on how to do it.. my htc fone is rooted already… thank u sir

    • if the sdk manager just open and close back, it means the file is corrupt; so you have to download it again. But I have already provided a step by step way of changing any HTC imei here

      Kindly go through it and if you encounter any problem, don't hesitate to ask.

      Thank You!

  7. good evening… pls….. can you pls.. help me review my blog.. zumiinfo.blogspot.com

    secondly i have paid for my own domain zumiinfo,com but am kind of confuse now either to pull out from blogspot by hosting it direct or to still be with blog spot… my reason is that i dont really know how cms site do theirs… as in if they do give dem adds just as google adsense is in blogspot…

    pls.. am waiting for ur reply… thankz

    • Since you've got your own domain name now, there is no need pulling out of blogspot, but you can redirect your new domain to your blogspot site. And if you still wanna move to paid hosting site, that means you'll need to paying either yearly or quaterly to a hosting company so that you can have a web presense. But on Blogger platform, you don't pay anything because it is owned by google. But yo can always redirect your .com domain to blogspot.com domain. I'll advice you do that.

      Your blog is awesome and I love it. But why make it 4 Column? it looks so narrow, I'll suggest you make it 3Columns while your original post remain in the middle (i.e2column).

      ==>Add Contact us page and Privacy page to your blog.

      Fix it and move on.

    • THANKZ……….. i will just do as you said… but pls…. how can i redirect my zummiinfo.blogspot.com to zumiinfo.com

      secondly i already have affiliate accounts with konga and i also have an account with Bidvertiser but wat i dont know is if google will allow me place these companies advert in my blog…

      pls… am waiting for your reply…………….

  8. Hello Mr Ben,
    Your Blog is actually new and you'll need to add more content to your blog every day if actually you want to make a headway in blogging.

    If you have more content, you'll have more readers.

  9. You have a very nice concept and your niche is marketable. But the first thing you need to do is to change your template to White background, and your text should maintian any other color or black.

    It will make it easier for your readers to read your content.
    ==>Maintain a uniform font size for your all your post…

    ==>Always share all your latest post on facebook so that your frieds can always come around to your blog.

    Adjust the above lets see how it will look like before the next step.

  10. pls MR YOMI is it possible to change a phone's imei without rooting. because i use framaroot to root Tecno H5. it gave an error message. there after i went ahead to change the imei and it changed

  11. Prof gud evening….i subbed for glo bis on my android(my imei is bb imei) since 1pm today and removed and re inserted d battery after 1 hour twice but my bis has not been activated,but my money has been deducted….pls what else can i do?

  12. Hello Yomi thanks for this opportunity, but my case is some how different.

    I noticed lately that after publishing a post on my blog, it only gets Auto shared on Google plus after about 8-10hours or thereabout which is rather weird.

    Is this normal or is it a problem from my end. Any solution?

    • This is absolutely abnormal… I guess its a problem from your end. Just login to your dashboard and scroll down to Google+, check if it is set to automatic share after posting, if not set it.

  13. prof pls i update my samsung galaxy s4 to latest update but i can't root it….i tried using root genius, root king and towel root and it tells me my phone is not supported pls help me

  14. Okay.. I'm here again with my complaints ooo

    Wanna try etisalat free gbs but didn't work after trying it 30 different generated imei.. i also tried the mtn cheat you posted here on Friday but it didn't work @all..

    now I'm using glo bis plan which is the most worst network over here!…

    Anyway you can help on this?.. cos I'm out of mb right now ooooooooo

  15. yomi I went to my earning option on my blog and it's telling me that I have to own d blog 4 six month b4 I can be able to use ads….and I tried ur method and it's nt working

  16. hello Yomi on android phone I want to change my imel to using mobile uncle but did not wrk, if I put my own numbers on it and I check on at+ commander butting he wnt wrk please help, I wnt to be using glo bis on it

  17. d z10 crash during wiping…nd afta flashing some folders ar missing..d guy told me to updte d software d current software is 10.2.1 1927..d new updte is 10.2.13062..will it wrk..av u heard of it b4

  18. Pls bros yomi,i wnt u 2 update me abt mtn andriod ime hw 2 change it etc n also i try 2 root mymtn andriod bt cant b rooted i use frameroot apk n also vroot. Pls kind add me up on whatsapp 08068958653

  19. Yomi pls how do I root my HTC one mini without a computer? I tried frama root and towel root and it still didn't work. Thanks.

    • Hello Kosi, you can back up your Smart 720 MTN Android with Rom Manager, see guide below

      ==>First, you should root your device as you cannot install ClockWorkMod Recovery on an un-rooted handset.

      ==>Go to playstore and download ROM Manager
      ==>Install the same.
      ==>Then open the tool.
      ==>Select the “flash ClockWorkMod Recovery” option.
      ==>Then, just select “Backup Current ROM” and follow the prompts.
      ==>The backup will be completed once you reboot the smartphone.

      Once your back up is completed(ofcause it will be stored on your memory card), you can then upload it to http://datafilehost.com/

      I'll really appreicate if you can do this.

  20. Yes, I remembered I have reviewed your site before and there is no need reviewing it again. visit the review page and implement all the previous review I wrote for you.

    Also, change your background to plan, your text black and if possible change your header logo to something simple. Adsesense what simple theme and easy navigation.

    Make your content rich by extending it to 350 words. Thats what they ment by not enough content.

    • I just visited your blog now… Nice design, layout and interesting post.

      Always make your post to be more than 300 words for easy seo ranking,
      ==>Apply link juice, it helps you to rank highrer on search engine.
      ==>Add linkwithin to your site, it helps display alternative post as your readers go through ur blog
      ==>Add Floating share this widget to your side bar.

      How old is your blog?

    • Sorry for late replies but you can easily root it with framaroot.

      Download framaroot, run and install it on ur device, click on SuperSU
      Click on Borohmir and ur device will be rooted in minutes. Reboot and you are done.

      To solve the playstore issues, go to settings>>click on apps>> then scroll down to Google playstore apps, clear the apps cache and reboot ur fone again.

      If d problem persist, then u can download alternative to playstore

  21. Can you still login to your adsense account? if yes, login and try to see if you can still generate some new ads code. If not, then the error is from them and you need to wait for them to resolve it.

  22. Hello prof, I applied for adsense via youtube after my direct application was not approved. However I got approved via you tube but again adsense refused to display codes generated via you tube after placing associating my url with the adsense acct. They sent me a mail saying dat my site does not comply with their policy. I managed to tweak it nd the ads started showing but no ad impression for the ads showing on mu blog for a week now meaning I can't earn. My url is trendsofnaija.com. Pls help me check and profer solution. Thanks

  23. I got 2 seperate mails in my gmail one saying that my adsense account is fully activated and the other says that I have not been approved for adsense. I used my gmail to aPply for two blogs that I run. and none of them is showing google ads presently. Pls any help or advice on that?

    • Hello Anonym,
      Kindly verify the email you used in applying for your adsense, I think the two email you used are confusing you. The question is which one did you use to apply for which blog? and which email is attached to which blog?

  24. i used one email to apply for adsense for 2 blogs. i dont know which blog was approved. and i cant logging into my adsense account cuz the other was dissaproved. am planning on openning another mail to apply with it.

  25. prof pls am a first timer ,pls my techno phantom n9 is giving me error message that saletrackersystem has stoped working .i have rooted my phone before so i tried to restore the back up i did then i did factory reset yet no solution pls what can i do


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