Update: BBM Now Available For iPhones

The long awaited bbm that all has anticipated for is now
available in iPhone market but not in all region. As at the time of posting
this update, its only available in India, New Zealand, and Malaysia. If you can’t
find it  in your iTunes, just change your
region and Time zone to New Zealand or Malaysia from iTunes or any of these locations  above and you will be able to download it.

I don’t know why they are finding it difficult to upload  to Google play but all android users should
chill because we are still waiting for the long awaited bbm arrival. Mind you, lots of crap
version are already on play store but I won’t advice us to download any until it
is released officially. Will keep you guys posted.
But if you think you can’t wait for it to be officially released,
then you will need to download an alternative to Google play “Aptiode” and
download it from there. 
More update coming!

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