Etisalat Magic IP For Unlimited Downloading

Good morning guys, it been a while free browsing  tweak was shared on this
site and I felt before iOS Users and Android users celebrate  bbm properly, lets rock with this simple but
easy tweak.
Someone shared it with me so everyone should equally enjoy
it while it last before it will be blocked. It is called etisalat Magic IP.

Symbian users create New Access Point:

Port:- 80
APN:- etisalat
Pass&Username:- wap
Homepage:- anything

Now launch any Operamini browser, ucbrowser or any other browser and surf with it while it last.
Note:- change your Network protocol on Opera to Http for beta speed.

Java Users download this prov, extract it and flex on.
Android users should equally configure their apn as seen in the screenshot below. If Google play store is not open, try 1mobile market.

How Can I Use It On PC?
==>Open your firefox ==>Go to options ==>Advance
==>Click on settings
==>Manual configuration and enter the ip and port same as
You can equally configure it with your internet download
manager. For speedy download.

If it is slow, i still have one more magic ip left to dish out today.

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60 thoughts on “Etisalat Magic IP For Unlimited Downloading”

    • I'm using phone browser & uc browser… it will just immediately complete… 5.64 kb!! Its only downloading via operamini… bt u knw it can't b like uc na… & pls my prof,kindly gv me links whr i can download series free… d 1s m using b4 don pack up

  1. I download lyk fire wit uc browser lastnyt ova 3G and symbian. If ur normal uc dnt wrk, try d handler version. Just select HTTP as proxy type and leave al the fields blank. Works 4 both opera and uc handler.flex on

  2. It is high time i contribute my own quota to this thread. Tnx prof

    more way to download unlimitedly…
    apn:etisalat or blackberry.
    for all handler opera with
    For Opera 7.1,7.0, 6.1 and
    just scroll to
    >> For ucweb use non handler
    and power it with that
    same ip
    for web browser
    access point: etisalat or
    blackberry. net
    proxy address:
    All dis tweak rock with
    super speed and are all
    tested and trusted..

    ————————-MTN STAFF

  3. Youtube opens.I watched several videos this morning. IDM blocked. Using normal browser download manager. Fortunately etisalat is stable and fast unlike mtn which disconnects every now and then. Yomiprof, is there a way around IDM blockage? I used d two IPs both blocked.

  4. Prof, anticipatedly awaiting your response on the outcome of your test of IDM wit other ip's. I've downloaded over 6gb of videos. Thanks prof. Have a fruitful week.

  5. Please yomiprof, help me on how to use this ip on iPhone because I can't find ip and port on my iPhone 4S. Please let me enjoy from this cheat

    • Because it's an ip based internet surfing and not from the sim. If it is from the sim, it will power all the application on your device. But you will notice we only config the phone. That is why.

    • Hello Mike how do you mean Droid and troid did'nt work out for you? Can you please specify the kind of android phone you are using, version and the network on it?

      Relax, don't be frustrated man, let's fix it together

  6. Tanx yomi 4 lifting my hope.
    It's an unbranded andriod tab. With andriod version 4.1.2 using etisalat network.
    D only tym I've browsed wit it is if I do dat 2h subscription.

    • Ok, but let me first of all start with Troid vpn, did you successfully install troid vpn on your Android? How about Droid?

      At present, Droid and Troid only works with mtn network and not etisalat. Except for the older version of Droid that works with Glo.

      Back to the Magic ip, Where you able to set the apn and port as stated above?

  7. I used both of the vpn with an mtn sim and active bis
    Driod vpn say no open port found
    While triod vpn says waiting for server reply
    And for the magic ip I did everytin jt as d screenshot.

  8. @Mike, Please make sure one of the vpn is not running. If you want to use droid, deactivate troid; and if you want to use troid, deactivate droidvpn. Troid still rocks and Droid premium for free usage still rocks.

    if you are going to use droidvpn, register a new account instead of your old normal account. it should work this time. if you are still having issues with it, please send me a mail.

    And concerning the magic ip, please download opera handler for Android since the initial did'nt work for you and configure it as above. I'm going to post the PC configuration this morning for every one to disect.

    @Anonymous, version 1.8.4 works with Glo bis perfectly

  9. Thanks prof, is it all versions of 1.8.4 or a/b/c….?
    I'm I to use as APN?
    Will their cap affect me or will I fly unlimited on glo bis?
    How do I configure my droid for glo bis?

  10. the previous ip ( is nt going again….it will direct u to their homepage i.e.…instead dis new ip is going (…kudos to mr yomi…. pls yomi i want to subscribe to glo bis normally wt its nt going again buh i saw ur reply on a question abt d glo bis…is it going perfectly wt dat droidvpn 1.8.4b????????…Adewale

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