Glo introduces 180GB Data for Heavy Internet Users

Is this why Y’all are saying Glo should win the bidding for
9mobile maybe atleast it will improve her network? Well I’m going to hibernate my
comment on that let’s see how it’s goes after the bidding is complete.

For the heavy internet users, those who can download heaven
on earth on their system, Glo have finally announced a suitable data plan for
you and let me guess… You’ll love it! Though I don’t know how fast glo is in
your location but in mine, slow is the definition of Glo.
Glo unfair advantage data
You’ll also recall that they recently unleashed Glo Unfair Advantage that let you get:
2GB for N500
4GB for N1000
9.5GB for N2000
24GB for N4000
30GB for N5000
55GB for N8000
75GB for N10000
glo heavy data
And now, you can get 180GB for N20,000. Glo announced this in a tweet few hours ago. To get it, dial
*777# and follow the prompt.
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33 thoughts on “Glo introduces 180GB Data for Heavy Internet Users”

  1. I just wish glo 4g is supported by common 4g phones like mtn and Etisalat. Because their 3g is something else this day in my area. The 1k Data I bought is still useless to me because it can't even open any site. Except Facebook chat and whatsapp. I don't know what's their problem.

  2. I only use glo on weekends. Sub for 3G 5huns just to update few things. I hardly ever exhaust it cos the netwrk comes and goes. Glo download has never exceeded 300kb/s in speed. All this data they re flashing is useless when one can't even stream without buffering or get steady reliable service

  3. Network (glo) used to be something else in my area (Benin), but I just decided I should sub them today for some reason and to my surprise, their network is awesome. Did the 1k for 4gb. At the speed glo network is going, I might exhaust the 4gb in 3 weeks or less.

    • Glo is even confused. Everyone is complaining from different states, different area so they don't know where to start.maybe they are not using the right equipment on their network

  4. They should have make it 180GB for 3 month
    Why 1 month ?
    Not everyone can finish that in one month
    3 month validity should have been better for that 180gb
    If they make it 3 month that would have been my favorite sub
    ? ? ? ? ❤️

  5. Since i blasted glo on twitter about their poor network, my Internet speed has been bae. They just asked for my number and location. Currently getting up to 1mb/s now on download unlike before.


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