Must Airtel be The Last in Everything?

Sometimes last year April, I read here that Airtel has
concluded  the testing of their LTE in
Lagos hoping they’ll be among the first to pioneer 4G LTE in Nigeria but it’s
so evident and clear that Airtel 4G LTE launch in Nigeria is a prayer request
yet to be answered.

Series of attempt has been made to chat them up on twitter,
but always get a strange reply which makes one concludes that Airtel may not
launch 4G LTE anytime soon. It will amaze you to know that this talk on Airtel
has been ON since 2012 and yet they refuse to take further steps. 
In 2012, Airtel said they’ve successfully completed 4G LTE
trial test in Lagos and are ready to take the test to other major cities in
Nigeria including Abuja and PH. This is 2017, 5years down and nothing of such
has been seen.
Glo 4G is Abysmal in my location and even in areas that it
runs fine, most devices don’t support it.  MTN and Etisalat 4G LTE are what many
subscribers has been banking on and it has been helping a lot hence there is low
records of slow network connection on these two networks.
When Data Plans were changed, Airtel was the last to
implement; MTN, Etisalat and Glo has stopped support for Blackberry subscription but Airtel is yet to; MTN, Glo and Etisalat launched their 4G
services in Nigeria last year  but Airtel
is yet to. Must Airtel be the last in everything?
I wonder when this is going to change…
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