Treasure Hunt – Get iPhone Xs Max for N5000 or HP Laptop for N2000

Jumia Price Hunt is coming and it appears out of about 50 million shoppers that will be online that day, just one person will succeed in getting iPhone XS Max at the cheapest price.

Jumia is offering you opportunity to own iPhone XS Max for just N5000 only if you are a good hunter. Or own HP Jaguar Laptop 8GB Ram for just N2000.

They call it Treasure hunt, where an item is hidden randomly on the website, first person to find it and other it get it at that value… otherwise, you are on your own.

Treasure hunt

The Treasure hunt begins this Friday 2nd November by 12AM. Visit Jumia website for more information.


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25 thoughts on “Treasure Hunt – Get iPhone Xs Max for N5000 or HP Laptop for N2000”

  1. it is jumia treasure scam. no body has ever boldly claim any item from them from the treasure hunt…not wasting my time on it this time around

  2. Prof which thing be this? Instead of jumia to focus on reducing the prices of some smartphones like Tecno x pro which I have been eyeing they are here deceiving thierselves, ah ah who want an iphone x self? Even U.S celebraties are not buying it rather they go for the iphone8 instead. Ok to tell you say na lie lie stuff jumia wan do why didn’t they include Galaxy s9plus on the same range of #5000 hunt?. Stupid cheating no1 site is jumia full of scams? why don’t they focus on other iphones? e.g iphone8,8plus etc kai Nigeria self tire me I swear??


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