You can Now Watch NETFLIX in Nigeria

You can now Netflix
and Chill in Nigeria.

Yes, the American video-on-demand platform has lifted its geographical
restrictions, therefore movie and TV fans in Nigeria can access their huge

Previously, viewers in Nigeria had to use IP masking sites to access the site
but there is no need for that now.
You can sign up with your Nigerian Naira card and get the first month viewing
free. However, due to recent CBN policies, your Naira card will not work once
billing starts and you may have to switch to a dollar denominated card.

The earlier you sign up for dollar master card the better.
The arrival of Netflix in Nigeria will mean bigger
competition for video content services like Iroko, though it’s too early to say
how it will affect market share.
While you are still masking your psiphon your etisalat or
whatever network, remember the god of the network is watching you.
Movie lovers, here comes your favorites Netflix!
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18 thoughts on “You can Now Watch NETFLIX in Nigeria”

  1. This is a welcome news to film lovers,this comes in line with the news that Netflix Engineers are recoding there film catalogue in other to reduce the bitrate.. though the cost of data in Nigeria could be a big hindrance, am in Europe at present studying,unlimited data is relatively cheap here both 4g LTE and wifi so media streaming is not a problem.. Don't even mention tweaking guys, i can bet you the percentage of folks who know what it is can not be up to 1%.. We can only hope data cost will be driven down through competition..

  2. Lolz.. i pray so, although this is not something we need, were there have been sites like watchtvseries and more like that, for me and my house we get our video on demand anytime, no need for netflix. By the way anybody in need of working showbox with no server error of somesort should mail me asap for the download link

  3. I won't say d came to d wrong place though naija hardly d pay for such . but m sure d too hav made inquiry. Bt as long as youtube, other movie sites r stil open. D won't c me


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