Few Days From Now, Your ATM Will be Useless Abroad & Online – See Alternatives

This is ATM gone bad, CBN gone Awire and banks gone A-rugged.
2 days from now, your ATM Master card becomes useless on foreign site and
abroad. I don’t know how this policy is going to solve the dollar to naira issue
but it getting weird every now and then.

According to CBN,
before CBN will start talking
of lifting the current restriction placed on ATM card usage abroad and foreign
transactions, that the country must build the foreign reserve to the tune of $50billion. At the
moment, it is $29billion
. That might take a long time before it will be

I made a
transaction this morning and I was charged by GTBank N270.50 per dollar. This is
the highest so far and it’s getting worst.
I don’t really know
if it will affect PayPal account owners since your account is already verified
and it’s linked to your Master card but there are lots of alternative you might
want to try out.
Dollar Master Card –
Those of you making use of GTBank, and you have a dollar account, you card just
walk into any GTBank branch closer to you and demand for Dollar Master Card. As
at my last enquiry, it’s goes for $50. With this dollar master card, you can do
everything online, foreign site and even withraw in naira using the local atm
Zenith Websurfer
Master Card
– Websurfer is a moderately good brand of MasterCard issued by
Zenith Bank. Websufer is not a credit card that you can use to withdraw
cash from the ATM machine. It is a low limit card that can only be used 
on the internet.
Things you will have before going to the bank are:
1.       One
recent passport photo
2.       Valid
National ID Card or otherwise
3.       At
least $150 cash
Walk into any head
Zenith bank, meet their customer service and request for a websurfer account
opening form.
PaYoneer Master
– This card is free of charge and anybody who live in a house, has a
smartphone and browse the internet can simply order for this card abroad for
free. It will be deliver to your location maximum 3weeks so long its not in
Sambisa Forest. 
See more about
Payoneer Master Card here.
If you have other
alternatives, kindly list them below using the comment box.
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18 thoughts on “Few Days From Now, Your ATM Will be Useless Abroad & Online – See Alternatives”

  1. Everything we achieved in years are being destroyed in months by this current government. Let's just get ready for the worse because it's just the beginning!

    • You people just talk rubbish as if you ever step out apart from your doorstep. Why dnt u go to Britain and apy with dollars. Go to China, Japan, Russia and some other countries with dignity and pay with dollars. You have so much destroyed your reputation and sel worth that nothing abt your country means nothing anymore.

      I dnt have to lecture you…it is clear that as a child of hate, you belong to the wrong part of this world.

      To strengthen your economy and your currency, u must use and circulate your currency. Jonadaft, your hero, destroyed the currency by sharing all his electoral cash in dollars. Did u knw the implication of converting and circulating a million dollars within the nation talkless of billions of it?

      Did u even knw that subsidy cash in dollars is always given to BRC by the marketers for gain?

      You are jes a kid so shut up!

    • Thank you for dis little enlightenment some of dem are educated but lack basic knowledge of life nd how the government is been run in the country.

  2. i have my DOM card for years now, but gtbank has stopped people from paying over the counter dollar, was sent the mail like months back, and transfer from bureau the change into my account is much expensive might be like 275 or 278.

  3. Gr8 write up yomi. You really an expert in this Field after you no body else lolz..
    Anyway this is really bad for nigerians…. Glad i got my Payoneer MasterCard with me @1st i this though this resistion would affect Payoneer. Thanks to this post I aren't scared no more. Payoneer check √√, domiciliary account next# inline…Thumbs prof.


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