Get Free Modem When You Buy 1GB Data Plan From Airtel Nation Wide

I’m beginning to suspect promo
stuff in our country this days… Because anything  they regard to has promo normally come with a
backyard extra charges. I saw this directly from Airtel NG website giving out
free modem if you purchase a data worth 1GB.

According to what they wrote on
their Airtel NG site, Visit any of Airtel stores, purchase 1GB Data plan worth
N3, 000 and claim your FREE Dongle worth N4,000. Start browsing now and don’t miss
any moment on the internet. This is the best offer in the market today to
reward you for your loyalty.

My worries is this, why will 1GB
data cost you N3,000 when 3GB data cost you N1,400? It seems someone in there
marketing department is inhaling super glue because there is already an existing
promo of this same Modem for N3,990 with free 2GB data on activation for the
first month followed by 100% data bonus on activation of data bundles from
200MB and above for the next 12months… 

You can confirm it from their site here

Airtel, I smell something fishy
and I’m looking at your Marketing Admin from GMB side mirror.

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22 thoughts on “Get Free Modem When You Buy 1GB Data Plan From Airtel Nation Wide”

    • Oga innocent, nice work you have on your site but this is not the thread for blog review… I'll create a thread for it and I'll review it better.

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