Glo 4G LTE is Live – Check Here if it’s Available in Your Location

I know that no matter how slow Glo network is in your
location, they can never settle for less. Just at the time when you think MTN 4G LTE
has taken over, Glo surfaces with their own 4G LTE like a dream in the night. Now
you’ll appreciate the value of huge data for lesser price. 

Though I’ve seen this coming  for a very long time with my microscopic eyes
and now it has coming into reality. I’m pretty sure before November ending,
Etisalat will come out of the shadow 4G LTE mode.
Glo 4G LTE Services is now live in 9 Major Cities. The
cities are;
Lagos, Abuja, PHC, Jos, Yola, Zaria, Benin, Warri and Eket.
Other states are coming soon. 
How Can I Know if its in my City?
Dial *777# and select 4G LTE coverage.
Glo 4G LTE Data Plans.
Below are the Glo 4G LTE Data Plans that will be suitable
for LTE users
1.6GB for N500 (7 Days Validity)
3.2GB for N1000 (30 days validity)
7.5GB for N2000 (30 days)
10GB for N2500 (30 days validity)
12GB for N3000 (30 days validity)
6… Click more to explore other plans.
I must sincerely congratulate Glo for this move, they may be
slow like snail but they are moving. The only complain I’m expecting to see
onward from you is that your Glo 10GB data doesn’t last a week because the speed will
blow the data away.
#Airtel NG what are you waiting for?
Is Glo 4G LTE available in your location? Please use the
comment form to share your Glo 4G LTE experience.
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39 thoughts on “Glo 4G LTE is Live – Check Here if it’s Available in Your Location”

  1. Prof I have a problem. please my imei has disappeared and I tried using mobileuncletools it keeps saying the command is not sent. this is not my first time using mobileuncle tools though. what can I do???

    • No. It will depend on the 4g bands your phone can support. Check. Check online for the the network providers 4g freq then compare wit the bands on ur phone.

  2. Can anybody confirm his/her Glo sim get connected to the 4G LTE network, i dont think its usable now maybe before month end or early Nov the will kick the ball rolling fully

    • I don't think so. Because I almost climb Glo Mast this evening Yet my Note 3 is just looking at me like a rotten tomatoes on 3G network.


    To join the most advanced network, Shonibare said all a customer needs to do is to buy and register a 4G LTE Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) or swap his or her existing SIM for a 4G SIM, get a 4G phone and dial *777# to buy a data plan. He urged subscribers to visit the nearest Gloworld shop to connect to the Glo 4G LTE and enjoy the boundless opportunities offered by the advanced and superior technology.

  4. With the little research further at my end here
    Glo 4G will run on Band 28 which is 700MHz
    My phone is not capable of that band, i can not get another phone because of this.
    Anyone that has 4G phone with band 28 700MHz, i wish you well.

    kling kling reporting from my room

  5. Speed depends on your location. Even Mtn or the fastest Etisalat are slow in some locations too. My glo is on 3g and usually very fast in my location. My 10gb don't last for 3 weeks, right now I'm wondering if the LTE would last a week.


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