Have You Heard About Round Video Chat? – The Best Video Chat, Call & Texting App

I was just playing around this app and I wish to share it
with you all. Rounds FREE video chat allows you to easily connect and have fun
with friends. Make an audio call or send text messages, play games, take
pictures, share photos, watch YouTube videos together and much more, all while
you make video or audio voice calls for free. Rounds has the best HD video chat
quality for you to have fun and chat together on Wifi, 3G, 4G or LTE.
VIDEO CHAT: Video Call, Text Chat, Voice Chat
► FUN GAMES: Candy Crush
-like Jungle Bungle, Tetris -like Sky Tumble, Draw Something -like PenPals,
Chess, Checkers, Backgammon and much more.
YouTube Videos, Take Snapshots, Share Photos, Scribble, Draw and much more.

Video chatting on Rounds is the best way to stay close and connected to your
friends and family. Try it now!

Do You Know With Rounds You Can …

✓ Unlimited FREE Video Chat and Audio Calls over 3G, 4G /
LTE and Wi-Fi so you can call and text your friends as much as you want

High resolution HD video chatting quality

Log-in with Facebook and instantly connect with your friends

Easy invite through Facebook, Mobile Contacts and Whatsapp

Automatically find friends that have Rounds and have fun chatting together

Video conferencing with friends on any Android device

Send text messages for free instant messaging

Save money with Free international video calls to other Rounds members

Watch funny YouTube videos together, listen to music, and sing karaoke

Use fun webcam effects and take snapshots using different video effects.

Best camera app to take photo booth snapshots of you and your friends while you
are video calling

Scribble on your friend’s video images. Draw something funny and take a
snapshot together
Where Can I Download it?

For Android Users, download it from Playstore
Blackberry 10 Users, you can download it here

If you are tired of social media, try rounds because Rounds Video Chat
Hangout is the best video calling app to stay connected.

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  1. prof pls I don't know y this Mtn bis as not been working for my android phone despite going through all the instructions, could it be because of the version of my openvpnconnect ?


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